Have You Ever?

Have you ever… wanted to run away and hide from your current responsibilities?
I sometimes wonder what it would be like to “join” the witness relocation program.  It’s not like it would be a real club and of course, I wouldn’t want to be hunted by some drug crazed mobster, but it would be nice to start over.   There are certain days, when the thought is very appealing to me.

Have you ever… had the urge to “moon” some random person just to see what their reaction might be?
I’ve been “dared” to moon on occasion, but the usual “moonees” are friends, so somehow the shock factor is lost.

Have you ever… just wanted to tell someone to “shut the $%#^ up” and then punch them in the face?
No?  Okay, maybe I’m the only one with unresolved co-worker issues.

Have you ever… wondered how badly you would need to screw up to get fired?
I fantasize over this one.  Not that I would relish the thought of being unemployed and homeless, but a girl can dream about the freedom of not working during the summer months.  

Have you ever… wondered what it would be like to be involved in a high speed car chase?
I think it would be fun to see how fast my car could actually go and how great my driving skills are if I was being chased by drug crazed mobsters.
Have you ever… wanted to grab your passport and head to the airport without a planned destination in mind? 
One day, when I win the lottery...
Have you ever… thought about plowing your car through a row of traffic/construction cones just to break up the monotony?
Yes, I have issues.

Have you ever… wanted to trip a little kid when they are constantly running up and down an airplane aisle or through a crowded restaurant?
Not that I’ve EVER done such a thing.  I’m just saying…sometimes the urge can be overwhelming.

Tell me - what have you ever wondered about?


Brian Miller said…
i would love to just grab the passport and go pick a destination...

and high speed car chases are pretty exciting, but...
R. Jacob said…
That all sounds like my daily things to do list!
Mama Zen said…
I've had that road cone fantasy a time or two!
I've thought of tripping the kid...instead though I usually settle for telling him to stop and go sit down. I have that scary mom vibe I think because they usually listen. Thankfully I live in Texas and most people here just say, "See I told you to stop." I think if I did that anywhere else the parents would beat me up!
JennAventures said…
Have you ever wondered what would have happened if you didn't meet that someone significant in your life?

Kids deserve to be tripped on occasion-teaches them how to get up.
Rachel said…
The kid thing-- everytime I get stuck working visitation. >:(
Sarah said…
It took me a minute to realize those were questions you were asking, not just something you got from someone else's blog or were asked by other people! Haha! I have a little kid but I still think the last one is super funny - yes I swear I want to slightly harm unruly kids! My kiddo is good (for real) so hopefully no one thinks that about him. :)
Eddy said…
Q: Have you ever… just wanted to tell someone to “shut the $%#^ up” and then punch them in the face?

A: Yes, often, minus the punching part. It's too quick. How about strangulation? lol

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