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Restless...Time to Write Again?

Yes, I’m still here. I’m sure there isn’t anyone out there listening anymore. That’s okay though – I just need to write, vent, get a load off, whatever...

I’ve found myself increasingly restless as of late and cannot pinpoint my problem. These feelings usually come and go within and few days, but these current feelings have lasted more than a few months now. I’m not sure what the root cause it, but I have some suspects.

1. Work. Work just sucks. I DO NOT enjoy what I’m doing here and haven’t for some time, although I’m determined to stick around as my “Early Retirement Plan” is still in the works. Last thing I want to do is pull up the anchor only to leave in a few more years, BUT I also don’t know that I can stand to stick around that long. It’s not a horrible place to work, it’s just the job itself that is not fulfilling. Actually, it’s soul sucking.

2. Early Retirement Plan. How could this possibly be making me cranky? Well, it’s not happening FAST enough for my liking a…