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Still Here, Still Grinding …

I’m not even going to get into how terrible of a blogger I am. In fact, I’m really not a blogger at all. I’m more of a “write something when I feel like it” kind of person or in other words, I’m lazy … sloth-like lazy.

So, what’s new with everyone out there?

Nothing new on my end. I’m still at the same job I don’t necessarily love, but I don’t loathe it either, so I accept it for what it is - a means to an end. I’m still grinding on my 5-7 year plan, which by the way, never really moves in years. It was 5-7 years five or seven years ago and it will probably be the same next year. It’s still a plan and I’m moving at a turtle’s pace towards it, but I’m still moving forward so, that’s my positive thought for the day.

J and I are still running our side businesses (yes, businesses). I call them, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. They too are moving along, but certainly aren’t the million dollar overnight success businesses one could hope for. We seem to spend a lot of time evolving…