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Useless Observation...

My useless observation of the day...
In a glass of water - lemons will float, limes will sink.  True story.
Your welcome...

Winter Wonderland...

Well, as with most of the Eastern coast, we are in the middle of an "snow event".  
All schools in southwestern Ontario have been closed today - a child's dream day!
I made the choice to stay home today instead of battling the elements to make my way into work.  Probably a wise decision considering the forecast is calling for it to get worse throughout the day.
Here is the view from my house this morning.
 View from the front of my house looking toward to road.
View from the back of my house looking toward our ravine.
View from the back from my house looking to the east of our property.
It's days like today when I get to stay in the comfort of my home when I don't actually mind winter so much.

Nothing But Joy…

Things at the moment are tedious and boring, so instead of complaining about something just to make up a blog post…I’ll say nothing (or next to nothing).
Which by the way, I happen to have an endless supply of irritants in my life…or maybe it’s just my surly outlook on life…nope not possible.
Why?  Because I’ve started to take a new multi-vitamin…and the labeling can’t lie.