22 October, 2014

Random Thoughts - Restless in Canada…

Where has the time gone?  And by time, I mean Summer.  The temperatures have been above normal for October, so that’s not the problem.  The problem is the lack of sunshine and copious amounts of rain.  It’s dark when I wake up and close to dark by the time I get home.  In a few weeks IT WILL be dark by the time I get home and soon, I’ll need to have the snow tires put on my car.  After that, everything goes downhill until April...

I’m experiencing a great deal of “funk” these days – especially as it relates to work.  I’ve got the “seven year itch”, but it’s only been 4 years.  Believe me, 4 years is like an eternity for me right now.  My job duties are in flux at the moment.  I’ve taken on extra/new duties, with the promise of a new hire to take some of my old duties away and as it just so happens, that new hire is still weeks off.   I’ve become so disgusted by this place, that I’ve given up caring about anything work related.  Enough said on that topic…

J and I participated in a new craft/art show this past weekend.  For it being “new”, we are quite happy with how well we did.  Others at the show weren’t as happy.  I’m amazed at how offended people become when their product doesn’t sell like hotcakes.  I hear things like “they obviously don’t know who I am” or “don’t people understand that my product is the best around”.    First of all, I don’t care who you are or how great your product is – if you don’t have what people want to buy, you won’t sell it.  It’s as easy as that.  Now, get over yourself…

J and I have recently taken up mountain biking.  Well, let me clarify, we bought mountain bikes, we bought helmets, and we have bought water bottles, BUT we haven’t quite made it to anywhere that would resemble a mountain.  We have plenty of old railways in our area that have been removed and made into bike and walking trails, so they are a perfect place to re-learn how to ride a bike and to build stamina.  They saying is true “that you never forget how to ride a bike”, BUT you do forget how painful you bum will be at the end of your ride.  Our goal is to continue to ride until the snow falls and then switch to training indoors on our son’s bike trainer.  I’m hoping to get myself into a semi-fit state before next riding season so that we can ride with our friends that are slightly more hardcore.  Fingers crossed…

There seems to be a sense of doom and gloom with the world these days.  Honestly, the world is a scary place - between ISIS and ebola, serial killers, random shootings, the economy, poverty, world hunger and just the everyday jerks, I'm losing my faith in humanity.  I'm not giving up, I'm just continuing to evaluate what's important to me, my happiness and doing what I can to make the lives of others a little bit brighter.

And on that note, I'll share with you my new motto.  It's works well for all occasions - repeat as needed.

10 October, 2014

Gobble, Gobble...

It's Canadian Thanksgiving on Monday here in Canada and that means:
A long weekend;
Fantastic weather. Sunny and warm is what the weather people are saying;
Local county fair should make for some great junk food fixins; and of course...
Turkey and all the trimmings.
On Tuesday, I will commence the self-loathing but until then...have a fantastic weekend!

10 September, 2014


Friendship is about being there to listen when someone needs to talk.

Friendship is about being able to talk and having someone there to listen.

Friendship is about doing things out of the kindness of your heart and not expecting reciprocity or monetary payment.

Friendship should be unconditional and not about personal gain.

Friendship is about telling the truth regardless of the topic.

Friendship is about support and support can be given in many ways.

Friendship should not be one-sided.

Friendship should be everlasting and not fleeting.

Friendship should not be insincere.

Friendship should not revolve around Facebook.

Treat your friends they way you wish to be treated, otherwise your friends will move on to find real friends that are worthy of their time.  Remember that…


28 August, 2014

I Wonder...

I wonder what’s wrong with the world and the people in it.  Can’t we all just get along?

I wonder why people feel the need to share so much on social media sites.

I wonder where sea gulls nest.  I’ve yet to see a sea gull’s nest or their babies, so I’m curious.  I could Google it, but I don’t really want to know.  I’m just content to keep wondering about it.

I wonder how fast mice can run.  Have you ever seen them run across the road?  Those little guys sure can move!

I wonder why I procrastinate.  I would feel better getting things done, but not bad enough to get moving on it.

I wonder when I became so jaded towards certain people in my life.  I’m one to forgive (sort of), but never forget.  I’m trying to overcome these feelings, but it’s not easy.   

I wonder what all the fuss about this ALS ice bucket video challenge is about.  I understand the disease, but enough with the videos already.  I’m beginning to think, the original intent has lost all meaning and now it’s just for kicks.  I’ve been nominated and I will do it, but only to show I’m not a poor sport about it.

I used to wonder what the “P” stood for in relation to airplanes (i.e. P-51 Mustang).  Thanks to my family (who Googled it), I now know it stands for “Pursuit”.  That could come in handy in a game of trivial pursuit.

I wonder what it will be like to get up in the morning without the aid of an alarm clock.

I also wonder, who wrote the book of love…

In case you were wondering, this is what it looks like inside a lobster cage in Halifax Harbour, Nova Scotia (this is my new favorite obsession BTW).

21 August, 2014

Random Thoughts - Fleeting Summer, Canadian Woes Edition...

Where has summer gone? Or did it even arrive in this first place? I don’t know about where you’re from, but here, it’s been cooler and more rainy than usual. We have an “old wives tale” in our area that says when the golden rod starts to flower; there will be frost in approximately 6 weeks. Well, the golden rod started to flower about 2 weeks ago, so if the tale is true, there will be frost on the ground by mid September.
My friends that I told you about a while back have officially moved to Panama. I’m so happy for them, but I won’t lie – I’m super jealous too. I know my time will come – if and when J and I can agree on a retirement destination. We each want different things and at this point, our only compromise might be splitting our time between 2 spots. Not the wisest move financially…

The Boy has been home from school for a visit in between semesters. It’s been really nice having him home, but soon he will be back on his way and once again, our house will be quiet…and clean…and the refrigerator will be full.

I’ve been participating in WAAAAY too much of things and not enough of others – too much food, too much drink, too little exercise and with that, my butt has become WAAAY too large. I had been doing so well up until mid July and then things just fell apart. I refuse to get on the scale because that will just cause me great anguish. I have every intention on getting back on track after the long weekend. Yes, I’m procrastinating…

As a Canadian, I’m tired of being gouged by shipping companies because I live in Canada. I’m disgusted by what things cost to have something shipped across the border. I order a lot of things online. On average, I pay more than 4 times for shipping to Canada than if I lived in the US and THEN, I still have to pay any exchange fees, plus customs and brokerage charges – pure B.S. We live approximately and hour and a half from the border, so in order to combat this, I’ve opened up an account with a US company that will accept shipments in my name in Niagara Falls, New York. They charge $5 per package when I go to pick it up. Yes, I’m still paying gas and my time, BUT I think it’s money well spent. It’s my way of sticking it to the “man”.

One problem solved, but my next complaint is that some websites (i.e. Converse.com) will not sell to me because I do not have a US credit card. Their site clearly says shipping to the US only, so my “US address” now solves that problem; however I cannot complete the purchase because I do not have a US credit card, nor will they accept payments from my PayPal account because it is also registered in Canada. eBay and a million other companies don’t seem to have a problem taking my money, so what’s the deal with Converse? What do they have against Canadians? Another case of pure B.S.

For those of you that are “friends” on Facebook, you know that J has shipped his first wholesale order for his wine bottle creations to a winery in Malibu, California. We also participated in an outdoor festival a few weeks back and his creations got a lot of positive feedback…and some sales too. He’s also aligned with a local home decor company and has some of his pieces on consignment with them. We’re pretty excited about his success so far and are hoping the orders continue. If you’re interested to can like our page on Facebook – either click on the link just search Surfing Flamingo and voila.