Random Thoughts - Too Much Going On…

I have so much going on and “on my plate” at the moment, I don’t know where to start.

Summer seems to be flying by, but I can’t recall where it went.

I’ve only been to the beach a couple of times, whereas I’m usually there every weekend. The reason for my beachy absence has been a direct result of high water levels and high winds. When the water is high, the beach disappears. Combine little-to-no beach with high winds and waves crashing on shore, there isn’t a beach to walk on. The two times I have been, we’ve had to wade waste deep in the water for quite a distance until the beach opens up. Once again, high winds preclude me from wanting to venture waste deep into less-than-tropical water with crashing waves. Hence, not many visits to the beach.

Sooooo, instead, J and I have been seriously hitting the trails on our mountain bikes. When I bought my bike a year ago, I thought it was the dumbest idea…EVER! My cardio was horrible and I could only make it a couple of miles before my rear-end seized up and I thought I would pass out in the ditch from exertion. Fast forward a year and we a tearing up the trails. We have been averaging 27 miles per weekend, but this past weekend we did that distance in a mere 3 hours. I still stink at riding up hills and tend to hop off and walk at the midway point, but I’m pretty happy with my overall improvement.

I wish said bike riding brought on weight loss, but it has not. In fact, I’ve gained a few pounds. J is trying to convince me that fat is turning to muscle, which weighs more than fat, but I’m not necessarily buying it. I do recognize a difference in the way my clothes are fitting overall – I have more room in them in the hips and thigh areas, so maybe something is happening. Fingers crossed.

I’ve also noticed that with said bike riding, I’m receiving a lot of bruises – A LOT. I must just bruise easier than I used to because I can’t figure out where these are coming from. Bruises are turning up everywhere - on my legs, buttocks, thighs, knees, shins. I can’t show off my newly toned legs because they look like hell.

Both work and my boss are still crazy. I have nothing more to say about that.

Our side businesses are busy and it pains me that I’m already planning for my Christmas shows. How can that be? Ugh!

Our early retirement escape plan is still chugging along – barely. With the turn of the Canadian economy and the fall of the Canadian dollar, we are faced with the reality that our money is not going to go as far as we had hoped. We still have a few years to go, but I’m remaining suspect of a rebound. I’d rather prepare for the worse and hope for the best.

I’ve downsized my friends list – in person and on Facebook. I just can’t deal with senseless drama anymore and for my sanity, I’m removing it from my life. It’s sad really because we were once quite close. I wonder if I’ll miss those people. The person? Perhaps. The drama? No. Will they miss me? Unlikely that they will notice I’m gone, as they will be too busy still creating drama for themselves. Oh well, life goes on.

Well, there you have it. I’m still around – in body and spirit. Hope you are enjoying your Summer!


Beatriz said…
Global warming, sucks for all of us or maybe it's just El Nino?

Hey FB is a overrated. Have a good week.
*krystyn* said…
Boo on the crazy winds and no beach time!! :( Hopefully your weight loss picks up - as soon as I complained about mine (last week), things turned around for me this week....totally crazy!! I miss bike riding...but until I can E on a bike...well mine will continue to collect dust in the garage. Argh!

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