A Special Project...

In January, we hired a new lawyer, which allowed me to transition out of contracts and into other things, including a “special project”.  I’ve been actually working on this “special project” since August of last year, so until January, I was essentially doing the job of two people.  

That was until a couple of weeks ago.  The President of our company and the gentlemen I happened to be working on the project for, suffered a stroke.  The results of the MRI showed, the stroke was actually caused from a brain tumor.  The prognosis is not favorable.

I am devastated and I can’t even imagine how his family is feeling.  This gentlemen is in his early 80’s but has the brains and stamina of someone in his 30’s.  He was completely hands-on with his company, beyond successful and cares greatly for his employees – an unusual combination.   

I am told by the management team that stepped in – that the “special project” will proceed on the planned timeline; however with so many other pressing issues, it’s fallen to the bottom of their priority pile.  Without his guidance, backing and input, I feel slightly lost a sea at the moment and until someone decides to adjust their priorities – I wait.  

I’m determined that this “special project” will proceed.  It was something he wanted, and I’ll be sure it’s something he gets.


Beatriz said…
I am so sorry to hear that, I hope he recovers soon. Good luck with your special project.
Simply Suthern said…
Tragedy seems to befall the good ones. I am sorry to hear of his condition.
Appears they are giving the special project some word service but doesn't sound like it is really a priority to the management team anymore.
Good luck to you.

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