Random Tuesday Thoughts...Neglected Friends

On my drive into work this morning, I noticed one running shoe in the middle of the road.  How does a person manage to lose one running shoe and not notice it’s missing?
My company has been voted “One of the 50 Best Places to Work in Canada” for the 3rd year in a row.  I don’t know how that happened. 
I am so tired this week.  After 18+ years, my commute is wearing me down.
I haven’t exercised in weeks and I’m not sure I have any intention of doing so in the near future.  I’m contemplating just letting myself go and start shopping for spandex.  I won’t, but a girl can daydream of a life without exercise.
Maybe I just need some new friends – ones that are chubbier than me.
I’m feeling guilty that I haven’t entertained in months.  I typically like to have various couples over at different intervals throughout the year, but I haven’t invited anyone in at least 6 months.  Shame on me.
So, because I’ve neglected my friends of late, I’m thinking about making it right and having one big party for all of our friends later in June.   By having it in June, it gives me lots of time to prepare for it and by prepare - I mean get my shit together and get the deck stained and gardens cleaned up. 
My husband complains about me entertaining – at least until the guests get there and then he has a great time.  I don’t know why he even bothers to complain, it’s not like he does anything to assist in the preparations.  Wait, I stand corrected – he will pressure wash the deck before I stain it.  I would do that too, but he doesn’t like me to use his “man toys”.

Come to think of it, I shouldn't feel guilty about neglecting my friends since they obviously don't feel guilty about neglecting me - they haven't entertained me either.  I still do though - I guess I'm a better person or at least I like to think I am. 

That's enough of my randomness for one day, but if your in the mood for more - visit The Un Mom.


I actually wonder the same thing when I see a shoe. Was someone in it at one time, quick glance, no body. hmmm it is a mystery like socks. You take care and have a nice week.
It might have been my shoe and girl, screw spandex - go for spanx. They're more expensive but take 10 pounds off. You might lose the motivation but you can still eat that burger.
Miss Footloose said…
Sounds like you could use a lazy vacation on a tropical island.

Me too. With rum punches.

About the shoe: It could have fallen not off a foot but out of a bag on a bike or out of a car.

Okay, let's go exercise. If you will, I will. Get the blood flowing!
@ Respectfully Yours - I always check around for bodies too. Not that I want to find one, but...

@ Julie from Momspective - If they work like you say - I'm going out to find some of those Spanx. As for the shoe - I doubt it was yours, as it was ugly.

@ Miss Footloose - I agree with the tropical island vacation, EXCEPT I just came back from one. Ah hell, I could always go again.

I'll think about your offer on the exercise and get back to you. I have to prepare myself mentally first.
VandyJ said…
Maybe the person lost it on purpose if it was ugly. Hope the entertaining thing happens without too much fuss.
CrazyCris said…
That's got to be the biggest thing I miss about living in Belgium: dinner parties! For some reason that just hasn't clicked with my friends here in Spain! they're up for "out for tapas dinner then fiesta", but anything indoors still involves pizza and chips and I'm past that stage and ready for real meals and fun talking and games later! (not that I'm saying I don't want more fiesta, I DO!!!) I guess it's the cold-rainy north vs warm-sunny south deal... people prefer being outdoors here. :p
As a person who has lost many shoes, have a little compassion! It's the weirdest thing to loose I know but it happens and then all of a sudden you realize that it's not there anymore! I have lost count of all the shoes I have lost.

I also forget things on trips. No matter how many times I go through a hotel room/guest room I always manage to leaves something behind.

What can I say :\
Brian Miller said…
i hear you...we have not entertained in a while either...perhaps i will clean up the grill this week...the weekend is coming...
Sarah said…
That shoe thing is a mystery! I don't know how that happens! Can I come to your party? JK - that would be a terribly long drive! I hear you on the commute thing. Before I had my son I drove 1/2 hour each day to work each way - I realize that isn't that long, but it got to me after a while - I hated it! Happy Tuesday.
I ALWAYS seem random shoes and think the same thing. In fact, I was thinking of starting a "random shoe of Vancouver" Flickr project because I seem them so often. Maybe we could reunite the lonely shoes :)

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