Anyone Else Up For a Mid-Life Crisis?

Once upon a time, there was a girl.

Girl met, fell in love and married a boy.

Girl is now a wife.  Boy is now a husband.

Boy and girl had a son.

Girl is now a mom.  Boy is now a dad.

Son becomes the center of mom and dad’s universe.

Son is growing up and will be going away to school in the fall.

Mom is facing the reality that she will be soon left with an empty nest.

Mom is not thrilled with that reality.  Dad is oblivious to it.

Mom is thinking what now?  Where does she go from here?  Mid-life crisis perhaps?

Dad is thinking about buying a boat.    

Dad is still oblivious.   

Mom wishes she was.


I'm not at that stage yet, so I haven't any good advice. maybe just, hang in there! Change isn't all bad.
Brian Miller said…
a boat sounds nice...
I'm now following from Follow Me Friday! I'd be honored if you choose to do the same! until later...
Anonymous said…
I'm not at that stage yet, thank goodness. I'll probably do the same thing. I'm your newest follower by the way and thanks for stopping by my blog.
R. Jacob said…
Once a mid life crisis starts, it will change and morph into many forms. This is only the begining.
f8hasit said…
As Boo is just 11, I'm not there...yet. Mid life? Maybe. Crisis? I'll hold off if I can for just a while longer.

Iwonder if they teach oblivious classes. That might be a good trait to learn.
A boat...Hmmm
Yep, some stages are hard. I am not there yet....You need to find something to keep you busy and happy :) That's what i would do...A boat....Not so bad...LOL
I am following you now and would love if you come follow me back and say hi!
Gros bisous
Sarah said…
Ah yes, how different men and women are! It amazes me! Sorry you are feeling that way. Time to get a ......
a new baby by adopting? :)
new car?
new hairdo?

Good luck in deciding and hopefully it is an easier transition for you than you expect. I have a ways to go before I cross that bridge and don't envy you!
CrazyCris said…
don't worry, HE'LL BE BACK!

that's both a threat and a promise! ;o)

(just ask my parents, my sisters and I keeping popping back for x length of time -months/years- and then heading out again!)
Keely said…
Aw! I'm sure he's not totally oblivious.

And I bet he'll be back, too. I yo-yo'd back to my parents place up to the age of 27. Eeek.
JennAventures said…
Awww, but soon you will have more income for travel! And maybe (in like a decade) son will supply mom and dad with grandbabies! (which according to my mother are better than kids...all the responsibility)

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