Variety Is The Spice of Life...

I’ve noticed I’ve lost a few followers over the past week or so.  This is not something I can control, so I don’t take it too personally.   Having said that, I still wondered what might have triggered these drop-offs.  Did I offend someone?  Possibly.  You can’t please everyone…and honestly - I’m not about to try.
Maybe the content isn't what was expected.  I’ll admit I’ve been rather boring lately.  So in an attempt to spice things up, I thought it might give you the opportunity to ask me anything you like.   I’ll compile the questions and answers in a future post. 
The questions can be about me, family, friends, co-workers or places.  You name it and I’ll answer honestly and candidly.   I’ll use my judgment if I feel the Blogger censors might be alerted, but really no question is off limits.
Ask and you shall receive.  Just remember, you might not like what get.  That’s just how I roll…


Brian Miller said…
last week was like a merry go round with followers....dropped a bunch, gained a bunch...i dunno.

question....most romantic day/evening?
Jacqui said…
I have the opposite I only have 12 followers but from my weekly access stats I know I have over 60 regular readers now and it's increasing a little each month.

Now, questions: What is your biggest achievement in the last 10 years and what is your biggest ambition for the next 10 years?

My biggest achievement in the last 10 years was to find my soul mate and marry him. My ambition for the next 10 years is to finish the house and land to an extent I can enjoy sitting out in the sun without making noteds of further jobs to add to the list.
Ooo cool new pic :) I don't think you're boring!

What can I ask?

Do you have a favorite photog? Your husband doesn't count :D
K13 said…
Ha...reading this made me go and look @ my # of followers..looks like I lost a few too, although I KNOW that all of them don't read daily anyway!!

I still follow you and you are not boring!!

My question: when are you coming to Tennessee? No where to dive here, but we could go to an Aquarium! LOL!!
Sarah said…
Hmmm...this makes me want to ask a bunch of things! I guess you could consider me nosy. :)

Do you own your house or do you rent somewhere?
What is your favorite color?
What color is your hair? (I don't think I have ever seen a pic of you).
Did you ever want more than one kid?
Is there one regret in life you have (or even several)?
Do you now or have you ever played an instrument?
Do you collect anything?
Do you have a cluttered house or very clean?
Is there a cause you feel very passionate about?

Ok, sorry if that is too many. I understand if you can't answer them all!

Have a great week!
M.J. said…
Where is the most beautiful place you've ever been? Where is your dream travel destinition--or just what's next on the list?! Please illustrate your response with photos so I can day dream about being somewhere better than my office.....sigh...
Christina said…
New follower, but nosy and can think up questions easily....

What is your biggest pet peeve?
I thought I would make up for your lost follower...with ME.

Being an avid diver myself I wonder where did you get certified, and where did you do your check out dives?
I do have an ummm human blog too...Not just one for Dory...
CrazyCris said…
BORING?! YOU?!?!?!


just keep 'em coming! ;o)

and as for a question: is there such a thing as a typical Canadian? what would that be?

go crazy! :p

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