Random Tuesday Thoughts...Conversations With My Son

Today, I will share with you some of the recent random conversations that have occurred recently with my teenage son.  Thank goodness, he's mine because anyone else, wouldn't know what to do with him...
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Prom Conversation #1
Me:   So, since it’s your last year in high school, are you planning on going to your prom this year?
The Boy:  That’s the plan.
Me:  Well, I guess we are going to need to see about renting you a tuxedo.
The Boy:  Why?  I thought I could just buy a suit instead.
Me:  It will be cheaper to rent a tuxedo.
The Boy:  This prom thing is turning into a lot of work.
Me:  For who?
The Boy:  Me, since you’re going to expect me to try the tuxedo on too.

Prom Conversation #2
Me:  So, have you asked Stephanie to the prom yet?
The Boy:  Why do I need to ask her?  She’s my girlfriend.
Me:  You still need to ask her so that she has some notice to buy a dress.
The Boy:  Why are you being so difficult to me first thing in the morning?

Jewelry Conversation
The Boy:  I think you should make a piece of jewelry for me to give to Stephanie.
Me:  I thought Stephanie didn’t like jewelry.
The Boy:  Yeah, I thought so too but apparently she’s changed her mind.
Me:  Okay, what do you want to give her - a pendant, necklace, earrings or a bracelet?
The Boy:  Do you make rings?
Me: No
The Boy:  Good.  I don’t want to give her any expectations from me.


Brian Miller said…
haha. these are awesome. trying on a tux is a lot of work...
VandyJ said…
Expectations are tough. So is trying on tuxes. Hope he has fun.
I agree with your son - I get so tired trying on tuxes! My son would banish me if he ever found I put conversations with him on my blog. How do you do it?
Raven said…
Those conversations are priceless! I literally lol'd. My favorite was the one about having to try on the tuxedo.

Have a great day!
At least you're never bored! The jewelry one is priceless :D
I cannot wait for my toddler son to hit teenage hood. Ugh. Keep us posted on the prom thing.
JennAventures said…
Prom is a whole lot of work...for the girl! Buying dresses/hair did is a much bigger pain. Boys have no idea.
D said…
Yeah, a lot of work for him! Sure. As far as the ring thing goes I'm with him there. Why build up expectations like that? My bro gave his ex a friendship ring and suddenly she was up to 7 carats. Crazy chick!
Jenny said…
Those were great. Hope the rest of his getting ready for prom adventures go smoothly.
Sarah said…
Too funny. Sounds exactly like a teenage boy. The ring thing is also super funny! :)
Amanda G said…
lmao, sounds like every other teenage boy I know. ;)
amanda @ myramblings.ca
Beta Dad said…
I don't think I ever had such a heart-to-heart conversation with my mom when I was in high school.
Jacqui said…
Wow, so much thought, I love the jewellery conversation - priceless!

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