Random Tuesday Thoughts...Cranky Edition

As I type this, my co-worker is on a conference call.  She hasn’t grasped the concept that there others around her and she should perhaps be considerate with her noise level.  No, instead - she is yelling into the headset.  She bugs me on a daily basis, but today my irritation level is off the scale.
I’ve been ordered to attend my Company’s Annual General Meeting today – in case my assistance is required.  What does that mean?  Well, I had to put on a damn suit and high heels.  I will then be required to show up, smile and greet shareholders (some who might be angry and looking for someone to bitch at).  Yeah for me!
My husband has been taking some online courses.  His interest level in studying is worse than my 17 year old.  One would think you shouldn’t have to constantly hound a 40+ year old man into doing his homework or studying, but apparently you do.
I just returned from holidays, but my mind is consumed with going on another one.   So much so, that I’m losing sleep over it.   I have an addiction.
We also have an internal company meeting today, whereby our management team will tell us in one breath how wonderful the Company is doing; but in the next breath will tell us we need to cut back on spending and we shouldn’t expect to receive any raises.  These are the same people that wonder why moral is so low and their employees are fleeing like rats from a sinking ship.
If you haven’t already done so, check out yesterday’s post – now’s your chance to find out more about me or not…your choice.
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JennAventures said…
Boy oh boy do I get the "fleeing like rats from a sinking ship." Alas, no raises here either.

I'm in a pretty pissy mood today as well.
Mama Zen said…
Putting on a suit and hells just to get bitched at would make me cranky, too!
Elle Em En said…
I agree with Mama Zen. Bad enough to anticipate getting bitched at but to have to take it in heals, that just sucks.

Also forget hounding your Husband. In my opinion, if he decided to take the course then he should be the one worrying about his homework not you.

Hope your meeting isn't as bad as you think it will be.
Miss Angie said…
I want to go on Vacation! I want it to be my addiction!

My company is much the same with Morale. Rats from a fleeing shit.. I mean Ship! :P
Christina said…
I believe homework sucks to anyone having to do it, no matter what the age. Try not to fall asleep in the meetings or kill off coworkers today.
Brian Miller said…
i usually feel the same when i have to wear heels with my suit...gotta love those meetings. that should really help you wil the desire for another vacation as well. lol.
VandyJ said…
Home work is nothing--I got to hound my husband to finish his thesis last fall. So glad that's over. Good luck on getting him through the class--too bad you have a 17 year old to "encourage" too.
Sarah said…
Ugh - annoying cube neighbors suck! Also, I understand the company meeting thing - wage freezes were going on at our company and we just found out not too long ago that they are outsourcing to India - booo!

I am studying for a test I have to take for my job and I understand the lack of motivation - but my husband doesn't have to remind me to study. I just do it cause I know I have to.

At least your addiction is not an unhealthy one! I want to go on a vacation so bad - I keep saying it but I need to book one!
R. Jacob said…
The firing will continue until morale improves?

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