Random Tuesday Thoughts

Since I have a lot of them, I've decided to become organized and jump on the Random Thoughts bandwagon. I picked up the idea from Wizard of Otin, who I think picked it up from The Un Mom, but it doesn't really matter... or need to be too complicated (or make your head hurt)...it's a great idea.

  • I dislike Tuesdays that feel like Mondays – thanks to the Canadian Thanksgiving. Now, I’m just a day behind in being miserable.

  • Family get-togethers further cement my beliefs that some of my extended family members are a bunch of rednecks. You know you’re a redneck if…at the Thanksgiving table, you brag about using the edible shrimp from a shrimp ring as fish bait because they work better than worms. No shit. What fish wouldn’t want to dine on a $9.00 shrimp ring instead of a $2.00 can of worms?

  • I’m happy to report that I did not gain the predicted 5 lbs this weekend, but managed to keep it to 3 lbs. The other 2 lbs will arrive shortly though, as I still have half of a turkey sitting in my refrigerator. Damn you hot turkey and gravy sandwiches…

  • It’s been six weeks since my “running” injury. I’ve finally been given the “all clear to get my fat ass off the couch”, so tonight I have a date with my treadmill and tomorrow I’ll reward my healthy lifestyle with a meatball sub for lunch.
  • I decided to try drinking tea this morning upon my arrival to work, as I’m attempting to reduce my coffee intake. The choices in the kitchen were goji berry, licorice and spice, ginger and lemon, raspberry pomegranate, mint cascade or chamomile heaven. Now I’m curious - 95% of our workforce are men and I wonder what percentage of them actually admit to drinking the “chamomile heaven”. What the hell happened to just plain regular tea?


Tammy said…
We had Veteran's Day yesterday. My husband had to work and the kids had school. The mail, however, didn't come and the banks were closed. My day was thrown off by that.
M.J. said…
And, in the states we had Columbus Day yesterday. While I don't believe that this should be a federal holiday, I certainly appreciated the day off. Tuesdays that are like Mondays suck, but Mondays that are like Sundays are fabulous!
Brian Miller said…
there is a certain natural balance to exercising so you can eat teh meatball sub...lol.

you are one day closer to the weekend though!
JW.BW said…
mmmmm... hot turkey and gravy sandwiches!!! YUMMM!!

Dont feel bad. I gained 4 pounds last week from eating my weight in candy corn. I guess that will do it!
CrazyCris said…
tea lovers don't admit the existence of "plain regular tea"! you won't find any on my shelves! (among the many varieties there) The closest you'll get is an English Breakfast (which I keep in stock for when my dad comes) or Earl Grey (my favourite for everyday breakfast).

How 'bout sending some of that turkey my way? I'm going to miss out on Thanksgiving this year and it will help you keep some of those kilos at bay! ;o)
I'll even go so far as to take a slice of pie off your hands too! :p
@Tammy - Thanks for visiting!

@MJ - Fridays that are like Saturdays are great too...

@Brian - Believe me, every action has an opposite reaction (or vicious circle). Exercise = meatball sub; Meatball sub = diet coke; Diet coke = better than coke, so I guess it's healthy, so that balances out the need to exercise tonight...

@Jessi - I can't figure out candy corn. How can something so nice looking, taste so wrong?

@Cris - I love tea, but in the morning I would prefer something less fancy. Earl Grey would have done nicely. I'm back on coffee after today's tea fiasco...
Seansmoma said…
You would NEVER catch me feeding perfectly good shrimp to fish! Let them eat worms!

Happy Tuesday!
Melissa said…
I just found your blog and wanted to say how much I enjoy it. Happy Belated Canadian Thanksgiving!
@Seansmoma - Can you believe it? I was shocked at the ridiculousness of it all. I'm telling you - rednecks!

@Melissa - I appreciate your comments. Thanks for stopping by and be sure to visit often. I'm heading to your blog now.
I just added another commandment to the 10 Commandments #13 - Thou shalt not waste good food by feeding it to fish. Unless you are using it to stuff the fish, so you can cook it.

Glad to hear you had a good Thanksgiving :) Have a good day!
Sylvia said…
Usual Tuesday boredom at work. Don't worry. Less one day this week. I love the idea of men drinking chamomille heaven. Let them get there! LOL
otin said…
Great that you got two lbs left to play with! haha.

Tea is no substitute for good coffee!
Angel said…
I spent the night switching between Apple Cinnamon sweet spice and breakfast tea, I am terrified to drink our coffee because of my works ummm little creepy crawly problem and the fact coffee is measured out of a Large can not packets.
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@SA - Can you believe it - feeding shrimp to fish? I was speechless...still am!

@Otin - I used up the 2lbs with the hot turkey sandwiches last night.

I'm back onto coffee. Tea is too complicated in the morning.

@Angel - Thanks for stopping by. I can't blame you for not trying coffee if you have a creepy crawly problem. Ughh!

P.S. I tried leaving a comment on your blog, but the comment feature is not working.

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