Just a Photo (and a mini rant)

I'm being lazy today and apologize. I have so much I want to write about, but don't seem to have the time or the focus to put it on paper.

Oh I almost forgot, we had SNOW this morning. Yes - SNOW! The white stuff that makes me cranky. At first, I thought it was my imagination, since it's dark when I leave for work and I park in the garage, but when I pulled into the gas station (another thing that makes me cranky) - the white stuff was everywhere. I almost turned around and went home. It's too early for snow - even if I do live at the friggin North Pole.

J and I are headed to a digital imaging show tomorrow in Toronto. The seminars should be interesting for J since he's the one into the "photo" thing. I, on the other hand will be bored to tears and in anticipation of this, have already loaded my iPod (with video) with all of Season 4 of Friends. I also have a couple of games on it - Pac Man and Mahjong which are two of my favorites, so all in all - as long as I don't forget my snacks, I'll manage.

(photo courtesy of J)


JW.BW said…
I like snow, as long as I only have to look at it, from inside my cozy house. Once I have to drive it in, it ruins everything!!! Poor u!!! U can always come visit me, no snow here, just lots of burning trash!!!
f8hasit said…
WAY to early for snow. We haven't even lost all the leaves on the trees yet!

I was feeling all crappy about the cold rainy weather we are having here in Cleveland, but now I feel better since at least our precipitation is not WHITE.

I feel bad because I was complaining of weather not even in the 60s and here you are with snow!

That sucks! Sometimes I'm thankful I live in Texas :)
Brian Miller said…
send the snow my way...love it! have fun this weekend...always good to have FRIENDS...lol.
@JW - I can deal with driving in the snow, but I don't like it when it lasts until March. By about January 1st, I'll be purchasing my airline ticket to DJ.

@f8hasit - I agree - WAY to early. I can't possibly deal with snow yet - although my husband is dying to try out that new snowblower.

@SA - I would give anything to live in Texas or anywhere that doesn't have snow today.

@Brian - We should home swap sometime in January. I have enough bedrooms for you and your family.
Insanity said…
Ugh. I agree. It is way to early for snow. There was some here last night though it melted this afternoon, it's still cold enough to snow again if it wanted to. I love Mah Jong, though I haven't played it in a while. I should go do that now. xD
otin said…
I absolutely hate getting gas!!! Hate it!
M.J. said…
Uggghh...snow. It's pretty and can be fun to play in, but who has time to play or sit and admire. I hate how in the city snow turns black within an hour of hitting the ground.
Chrissy said…
Snow already?? Yikes. We've just been having LOTS of raing. I can smell it coming, though.

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