Creepy, But True...

Since August 2007, 7 feet have washed ashore along the beaches of British Columbia. Yep – feet.

The creepiest part - all the found feet have been discovered tied up in running shoes. Experts have explained that the feet are found because as the body decomposes, the buoyant running shoe floats to the surface.

Apparently, two feet found separately belong to the same woman, but she hasn't been identified.

Another two male feet found separately have been matched to one man, and another lone male foot remains unidentified.

RCMP Corp. Annie Linteau said there's been no evidence so far to support foul play in connection to any of the seven discoveries.

She says "There were no tool markings and it just did not appear that they were severed or forcibly removed," Linteau said in an interview. Police and the coroner's office say it appears that all the remains separated from the body through a natural process.

WTH? What natural process can separate a foot from the body?

Linteau goes on to say “A number of experts in this case to try and unlock the mystery of why the feet are being found, including oceanographers, forensic entomologists and forensic pathologists. It is very unusual."

Unusual? Really? Of course it’s unusual and if I had to bet, I would say – serial killer you morons!

Where is the CSI Team when you need them? It certainly wouldn’t have taken them two years to solve this one.


That is just gross! I work in a lab and sacrifice animals on a regular basis as well as work with human tissue and I still found that unsettling! What you need is Bones not CSI. I had heard about the feet thing but I didn't know that it was still happening. Was there foul play suspected in the man who was identified? Hopefully the other people are identified soon and their families notified. How sad :(
Brian Miller said…
feet dont fail me forensic instincts point toward someone that jogged so much their feet fell off...exercise will get you every

ok, enough gallows humor...intriguing actually...i agree Bones or CSI might be the trick...
@SA - Apparently foul play is not suspected, but I can't believe it.

@Brian - LOL!!! I agree, exercise will kill you every time!
M.J. said…
Sounds like an episode of "Bones."
@M.J. - I've never watched Bones, but you are the third person to mention it, so perhaps I should.
JW.BW said…
Geez... and i thought the hypodermic needles washing up on the beach in Jersey were bad!!! WOW!!!!
Sylvia said…
Bbbrrr! I won't go to those beaches.
K13 said…
Gross and creepy, yet ever-so-interesting! You always have such informative posts.
otin said…
feet washed up on the beach and using sign language they said, "Throw me back in", so the police threw the feet back in and then a pair of hands washed up instead. Using sign language, the hands said,"Throw me back in." So the police threw the hands back in, and then a head washed up on the beach. The cops picked up the head and were going to toss it back in when the head said,"Wait! Don't throw me back, I can live like this!"

Moral of the story: Quit while you're a head! haha!

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