I'm Happy & Give Thanks...

  • When I arrived at work this morning, I was happy to find a tray full of bagels and muffins waiting in the lunchroom for me (well maybe they weren’t ALL for me…). I’d be happier if I wasn’t suspect of management’s sudden generosity with the gift of doughy goodness.
  • I’m happy today is Friday. I’d be happier if it was 4:30.
  • I’m happy that it’s a long weekend in Canada. It’s Thanksgiving on Monday. I give thanks for turkey, potatoes, gravy and pie.
  • I’m happy that this weekend also happens to be the start of Oktoberfest in my region. I give thanks for schnitzel, beer and the polka. I’d be happier if I actually knew how to polka, instead of flailing and spinning about wildly yelling “E-I-E-I-E-I-O”. I’m happiest knowing that no one else actually knows how to polka either.
  • I’m happy that my in-laws are hosting Thanksgiving dinner. I’d be happier if the in-laws would use paper plates or at least purchase a dishwasher so I wouldn’t have to help manually wash the dishes. I’d be happiest if I could attend the dinner wearing my pajamas - this simple wardrobe adjustment would save me from being uncomfortable after the meal, while I'm having to do dishes.
  • I’d be happy if I could avoid gaining 5 lbs over Thanksgiving/Oktoberfest weekend, but they only way that is going to happen is if I’m in a coma or suddenly decide to become a vegan. Let’s be honest, I’m screwed.
  • I’m happy knowing it’s only 1 month and 4 days until my holidays begin and I’m basking in the warmth of the Caribbean sunshine. I’m happier knowing I can wear my bikini and not care that I’ve gained those 5 lbs. I’m happiest knowing the people that see me wearing my bikini don’t know me and I will likely never see them again. I give thanks for strangers.


Ultimately it is nice to see that someone around is HAPPY:) eNJOY!!! :)
webruci said…
Great. You're right:-) I'd be happy if tomorrow can go back to Portugal, when is still 24-25 C
not a bloody rainy week.
I like your turkey;-)
M.J. said…
Bagel are always a nice surprise on Fridays.

PJs and paper plates on Thanksgiving sounds good, what sounds even better is being in Paris for the holiday. That's where I'll be this year!
@Greener Bangalore - I hope my happiness is contagious - everyone should be happy on Friday! :)

@Webruci - I've never been to Portugal. Maybe one day - perhaps you and Sylvia could be my tour guides :)

@M.J. - Paris?? Wow - that will be a HAPPY, wine induced Thanksgiving for sure!
CrazyCris said…
Happy Thanksgiving!

Um... I might have asked this before, but could you explain Canadian Thanksgiving to me? I thought it was just the US who had the turkey holiday... :p

And the polka is easy to dance! Just exhausting! ;o)

Brian Miller said…
happy thanksgiving! you have a lot to give thansk for there, including that it is now 10:30 and you only have a couple more hours...lol. looks like the turkey tried on your bikini for you. smiles. enjoy the meal and oktoberfest...and yes thank goodness for strangers. have a great weekend!
@Cris - Canada and the US both celebrate Thanksgiving - just at different times of the year. Canadians celebrate it in October and US in November. I can't explain why the US and Canada celebrate on different days - Canada is just a little weird that way.

Thanksgiving is basically a day to give thanks(for turkey, pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes), watching football and shopping I guess it is also the official start of the "holiday" season - especially in the US since it's closer to Christmas.

Historically, Thanksgiving has something to do with the pilgrims celebrating the fall harvest with the Native Americans.

If I've missed anything, perhaps the US followers can fill us both in.

I agree, the polka is exhausting.

@Brian - Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes. Have a great weekend too!
CrazyCris said…
I know all about Thanksgiving in the US, I've celebrated it frequently enough to miss my stuffed turkey and yams when I can't get them (like this year). It's just that I thought it was 100% a Gringo holiday (what with the pilgrims and all that), I thought maybe the origin of Thanksgiving in Canada was different... but if it's the same it is weird it's not on the same date!
otin said…
Ahh, what is 5 lbs!? I could stand to lose 30 myself! :)
JW.BW said…
OOOOoo!! Thanksgiving and Oktoberfest in one week!!! YEY!! Dont worry, you have a whole year to lose that 5 lbs, until you put it on again at next thanksgiving. (thats how i do it anyway)

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