Workplace Hazards - Compliment Whores...

Maybe it has something to do with the world becoming overly “politically” correct. Everyone is afraid to speak their minds, in worry that they may offend someone. Instead, the world had turned into false greetings and trivial conversation. What for? I say, “Let the chips fall where they may, life’s too short to suffer mindless boredom.”

Contrary to the popular belief, I’m pretty accepting. I will go out of my way to be of assistance to a co-worker in need (provided they haven’t offended me first). No job is beneath me (well almost, but it depends on who you are). I never expect anyone to do anything for me that I wouldn’t be willing to do myself and I expect the same in return; however I will seldom ask for the assistance of others, as I simply find it easier to do it myself. There is one exception to my co-worker nicety rule - I can’t stand trivial nothingness, or high pitch squeals of delight accompanied by discussions of the latest weekend shoe or accessory purchases.

A co-worker, who I have named the “ugly step sister” has stopped by the surrounding cubicles for the second time today ranting about her fantastic shoes. Although she is not speaking to me directly, her nasal whine catches my attention and from what I gather, her new shoes make her feel like freaking Cinderella with her glass slippers. Believe me, she is no Cinderella and as I stifle a snort, I try to choke back my obvious disgust with that statement. I can’t decide if I have an overwhelming urge to vomit or bludgeon her to death with her plastic shoes.

“Oh my god”, I scream to myself as I hear her talking about her friggin shoes again and now she has taken to showing men her shoes and asking them “Aren’t my shoes the cutest things you’ve ever seen?” I think to myself “please, just wear a lower cut shirt if you need attention that badly. No one cares about your shoes and besides they are hideous and so are you.”

As the cackling continues from the other shoe groupies surrounding her, I decide my best course of action is to get up and take a walk before I do something I may regret. Who am I kidding, I wouldn’t regret a moment of it, but I digress…

I understand that everyone one loves to be complimented, whether it be on a new hairstyle, outfit or even a pair of shoes. As human beings, we crave the attention. My problem lies with those that need to seek out the compliment at any cost. These people are not content with just waiting for the compliment to be paid; they need to hunt it down by flaunting the item blatantly until someone coughs up some words of kindness. Kindness, which I point out is not sincere.

It continues…“Look at my new shoes. Aren’t they fabulous? They are like a jelly shoe, but harder. I love them so much and I only paid $150 for them. The price was worth it, they make me feel just like a princess, just like Cinderella.”

Regardless of our true feelings, the response is well rehearsed and typical. “Oh, they are so cute. Where did you get them? Are they comfortable? Look at you, you just look so damn sexy.”

When in fact, what we are thinking is, “Are you kidding me? Actually they look like hell. Are you out of your mind to pay that kind of money for something so hideous? Next time, maybe you should consider spending your extra cash on some therapy.”

Compliments are like respect, they should be earned. They are a right, not a privilege and anyone that actively seeks them out should be wary of the response they may receive, as they may just get more than they bargained for - the truth.


M.J. said…
I keep seeing those shoes too...they were cute when we were 8 years old, wearing pigtails and bows. A grown ass women in see-through, plastic shoes is just tacky.
@MJ - Thanks for your understanding - I was beginning to think it was just me being (more) cranky than usual on a Monday *sigh*
JW.BW said…
I DETEST jelly shoes... who ever thought of such a stupid idea!!! UGH!!! the ugly step sister has seriously bad taste!!! i wouldnt have blamed you for beating her with that shoe, but I am not a good gauge for reaction :-)
They had some of those at Old Navy and my sister bought some flat sandals in the jelly-style too. I personally dislike them, even as a child I didn't like them. Although I did have some - when I was 8! When my sister bought hers she called and asked if I wanted some. I said, no that's OK I haven't liked them since I was about 8 and I'm not 8 anymore. She laughed and they aren't too bad for weekend use, like cleaning outside or running to the supermarket - I guess. I wouldn't wear them though. Especially if they're heels. That just reminds me of strippers and porn stars. You always see pictures of them with clear heels or jelly looking heels. Gross.

Your co-worker sounds a little tacky. Ew. (by a little I mean a lot!)
PS My sister only paid $1 for them because even she wouldn't pay full price for jelly shoes!
CrazyCris said…
$150 for a pair of shoes?! that's scandalous! I'd never fork out that kind of money! I've been wanting to get a nice pair of leather boots but am waiting for sales when the prices will drop quite a bit below the 100€ mark!

but yeah, annoying neighbours making squealing noises, I sooo get it!

vacation soon, right? ;o)
otin said…
I actually do not like getting compliments, it makes me kind of uncomfortable, but I do appreciate when they are given. I like giving kudos much more than getting them!
Brian Miller said…
compliments give me the chills at times, perticularly if they are frompeople i do not know that well. i guess i probably should not measure intentions, but i do.
Sarah said…
On the flip side of this is someone who constantly needs attention - but in the form of sympathy. We have a neighbor who is exactly the person you describe, except most of the time she wants people to feel sorry for her. It is pathetic and I want to smack her. Her facebook status updates are always dramatic as hell and annoying as crap! It is unreal what some people will say for some attention! I completely agree - I should just start saying how I really feel to her and see how she reacts. But she does live next door to me and I don't want to risk her egging my house (she is that immature) or some ridicuolous shiz like that!

Makes your wonder if they were neglected as children - why does anyone need SO much attention? Sure we all like compliments - but they should never be sought out like you said! :)

I like your blog!

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