I Want Wednesdays...Shiny Objects Edition...

In this edition of “I Want Wednesdays”, I’ve decided to dream big.

I’ve always said that if I won the lottery (or found myself a sugar daddy), I would give more to charity – both in time and money, I would travel more and work less (if at all) and of course, I’d help friends and family.

Ultimately, I believe I wouldn’t change and I used to believe that I wouldn’t splurge on frivolous items. I’ve recently rethought that moral stance and am no longer committed to taking the high road and solely doing good for others. It’s all about me today and if I was ever to win an obscene amount of money, I would splurge and these are a few of the things that I would purchase.

D&G Sunglasses – I love sunglasses and my choices would no longer be limited by cost.

D&G Purse – I love how the purse matches the sunglasses and it would be large enough to carry around all of my money.

D&G Footwear – Of course, I would kill myself walking in these (if I could get them over my ham-like calves), but damn I would look great if I was just sitting and posing for the paparazzi.

Rolex Watch – I’ve always wanted a Rolex and this one suits my needs.

Tiffany Emerald Ring – Ooohhh, shiny objects are a girl’s best friend. Although it doesn't match the watch, but who cares because I would be stinking rich.


JW.BW said…
Winning the lotto is one of my favorite things to day dream about...

I love the glasses n bag!!! Soooo AWESOME!!!
CrazyCris said…
ooh, nice watch! but the thing about the ring is... you kind of also need a nice occasion to show it off on! ;o)

winning the lottery? I WISH! First thing I'd do would be to take a year-long trip around the globe! :o)
@JW - Lotto dreaming is what get's me through the day.

@Cris - If I won the lottery, everyday would be a nice occasion ;p

I agree on the trip around the globe!
Brian Miller said…
all dressed up and more money to blow...nice ring!
K13 said…
love the post. i really really like the ring. i love Tiffany stuff. i'm pining for the "return to tiffany" necklace.

i love daydreaming about winning the lotto, but the downside is I end up depressed when I don't win.
That put a smile on my face :)

And hey don't sweat the volunteering part. You're stinking rich - pay someone to do your volunteer work. You'd provide a job and do good at the same time! See? 2 boids with one stone ;)

Love the ring by the way!

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