I'm Fabooo...

This fabulous fantastical award came from my friend Chrissy @ I Shoulda Been a Stripper. Thanks Chrissy!

The requirements for this award are to post the award on my blog, linking it to the presenter. Next, I must list only 5 of my biggest obsessions. And last, but not least, I must pass this award on to 5 other worthy bloggers.

So, here are today's 5 biggest obsessions:

1. Travel & Adventure. I spend my days dreaming of travel destinations and scheming of how I can get there. I’ve even offered to "take one for the team" and move to Australia to open up a company field office, but management isn’t buying what I’m selling. *sigh*

2. Being Busy @ Work. My day is typically spent reading e-books, blogging and surfing the internet. Basically – I’m a professional time waster, which just gives me more time to lust over my travel needs.

3. Afternoon Naps on Weekends. My weekend plans are structured strictly around nap time - my nap time.

4. Weight Loss. Just like Chrissy, I obsess about losing 20 pounds (at least). Honestly, I would settle for 7 or 5. Something, anything!

5. Moving Somewhere Warm. I strongly dislike cold weather, which doesn’t bode well for me well living in Canada. If I could, I would sell everything I own and move to a warmer climate tomorrow – somewhere in the Caribbean would be nice.

I forward this to the fabu people below:

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Brian Miller said…
the carribean sounds like the place to be...i'd have to come back for fall though...just something about the mountains in full color. naps...i remember those days, maybe again when the kids grow up, lol...congrats on the award and thank you for making me fabulous! smiles.
M.J. said…
Thanks so much lady! Every winter I daydream about moving to the tropics....
CrazyCris said…
thanks! Oh my... I am so behind on my awards coverage, am going to have to dedicate a whole week to it as soon as I get organised! :p

the Caribbean? you sure? believe me you'd end up missing this little phenomenon called "seasons" and you'd be freaked out by a bigger one called "hurricanes"! :p

Australia's definitely the safer bet! (and from the little I've seen waaay cooler!) ;o)
f8hasit said…
Congratulations on your award!

I particularly like your first obsession about traveling. It seems when I'm somewhere on a trip, I start thinking about my next destination before I even return home.

Chrissy said…
How about an afternoon nap IN the Caribbean. Perfection!
Sylvia said…
Great life projects. I leave you an advice, though - try it before you move there. I can open some other perspectives to you. Mozambique: wonderful climate, sweet people, favourable laws. Angola: beautiful country, fast growing economy, wonderful people. No hurricanes in both. Great beaches and wiildlife.

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