Coming Soon to Canada...

I certainly don’t require a calendar to point out the fact that the autumnal equinox in the Northern Hemisphere is next Tuesday – September 22nd and being located north of the 49th parallel, it becomes apparent early on what next week will bring – Fall.

I love the Fall season, I just don’t like what comes after it…brrrr

Signs of Fall in Canada

  • When I wake up, it’s dark and when I leave for work, it’s still dark and soon, I will be driving home in the dark as well. It’s no wonder, I feel like a sun-deprived mole 85% of the year.
  • The overnight temperature is dipping lower and lower. My wooly socks have once again become a part of my nightly ensemble. Soon it will be time to put away the cotton sheets in exchange for the flannel ones and electric blanket.
  • The Canada Geese have begun to fly in their famous “V” pattern and my deck is directly beneath their daily flight pattern. Damn flying rodents… I can’t quite figure out where there going because they certainly aren’t headed south.
  • Soon I will have to admit defeat and put away my summer clothes and haul out the winter ones. In Fall and Spring, I’m faced with the reality that I have gained weight during the time my old favorites were resting comfortably at the back of my closet.
  • With Thanksgiving arriving in Canada on October 12th, Thanksgiving and Halloween decorations are everywhere. The local grocery stores are advertising “Order your Thanksgiving Turkey early to avoid disappointment”. Believe me, this is a scam, there are always plenty of turkeys to go round and no one is left disappointed. MmmMmmm, turkey…
  • Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back at Starbucks. Enough said.
  • The new fall television season is about to start and to that I give a big shout out - thank you baby Jesus! I don’t think I could take another repeat of Myth Busters, Dirty Jobs or J’s new favorite – Ice Road Truckers.


M.J. said…
I feel your pain with the lack of sunlight. During winter, it's dark when I get to work at 7:30, and it's dark by the time I get home. Winter sucks.
Brian Miller said…
pumpkin spice latte pretty much says it all. i love fall!
CrazyCris said…
Lack of sunlight... *shudder*

ugh! That's the thing I had the most trouble dealing with when I lived here in Belgium before (that and the weather). The frequent dark grey clouds didn't help... dark at 4pm?! merde!

Um, here's one you could answer for me: I have heard mention before of a Canadian Thanksgiving that's earlier than the US version... but I have no idea of the who/what/when/where/WHY? of the Canadian version of the holiday! Care to enlighten me? ;o)
f8hasit said…
Hmmm. Yumm.
Thanks for the update on the pumpkin spice latte! I'm drooling over here.

It was cold here last evening and I ventured out to meet friends with flip flops on. My feet were freezing! Time to put those bad boys away for another year. *sigh*

But now I can dust off the boots! See!
Happy endings!
@MJ - You've said it all with "winter sucks".

@Brian - MMMM, pumpkin anything...

@Cris - I feel you pain on lack of sun, grey clouds and crummy weather.

As for the Thanksgiving questions - Hmmm good ones, which I probably won't be able to answer, but I'll give it a try - It's basically a day to give thanks(for turkey, pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes), watching football and shopping the next day.

Historically, Thanksgiving has something to do with the pilgrims celebrating the fall harvest with the Native Americans.

I can't explain why the US and Canada celebrate on different days - Canada is just a little weird that way.

If I've missed anything, perhaps the US followers can fill us both in.

@f8hasit - It's a sad day when the flip flops must retire to the back of the closet, but your right boots are awesome. I look forward to the sweaters too! It must be time to shop - right? Happy Endings are awesome.
hallelujiah (sp?) on the new TV season...

I was beginning to think of other more productive things to do with my time.

We wouldn't want that now, would we?
Chrissy said…
OMG, I'm in love with Mike Rowe. The dirtier, the better.

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