Sensitivity in an Insensitive World...

I’ve never been an overly sensitive person – at least not until recently. Understand that I am fairly sensitive to others feelings, but I’m not easily offended by others actions towards me. Having said that, lately I’m finding myself bothered by little things – little things that would have typically either gone unnoticed or I would have shrugged off as stupidity on the part of the offending party. Maybe it’s just that I have more time to dwell on these little things or perhaps the little things aren’t so little after all. Whatever it is, I don’t like it and hope it leaves as fast as it arrived, as I much prefer my impervious nature. Sensitivity sucks!

There are a few things that are guaranteed to set me off and once I’m off, we’ve surpassed the point of no return. The #1 thing that sends my blood pressure boiling is being called (to my face) “miserable”, “grumpy”, “bitchy” or any similar form of slander. Feel free to call me what you will behind my back, but seriously to my face? 98% of the time, I can guarantee that I wasn’t any of the above until you mentioned it and now that the deed is done, I’m beyond coherent or civil. Your insensitivity has ruined my day and you are an asshole. Thanks for reminding me that sensitivity sucks…

Effective immediately, I’ve stopped caring about things that aren’t in my control. I am tired of being let down by others – including some of my closest friends and family members. Some people are compassionate and caring, some people are idiots and care only about themselves and regardless of how strong you are; you may let down and become disenchanted with the human race from time to time and as unfortunate as this is, you can learn a life lesson from it. Learn to count on yourself and if you do, you shouldn’t be disappointed and if you are, it’s your own fault.

A wise man or woman once said:

“Remember, when someone annoys you, it takes 42 muscles in your face to frown. BUT, it only takes 4 muscles to extend your arm and SMACK the asshole upside the head.”

Okay, now I feel better – perhaps I’m not so sensitive after all…


JW.BW said…
Hmmm, now that you bring this up, I'm kind of surprised noone has ever told me that I'm bitchy to my face. I know they MUST say it behind my back at work all the time. I intentially put out the "BITCH VIBE" as I call it so jackass men dont overstep professional boundaries with me. So many women in the military bat their eyelashes to make their lives easier, I am NOT one of them, therefore, I am the other kind of woman in the military, THE BITCH. But I'll take that over being questioned about HOW I got to my position... Does this have anything to do with your post?? Im not sure.... Wow, I really can go off on a tangent.... Hope your day gets better!!!!
@JW - I completely agree with you and I suspect it has 100% to do with my position. Although, it's not the military, it is a very male dominated organization, so I also put out the bitch vibe - it's a matter of self-preservation.

Usually I'm o.k. with it, but today isn't one of those days. It's all good though because I hold a grudge and never forget, so there life as they know it is over - payback is a bitch and apparently so am I. Have a good day!
Brian Miller said… your face? wow.

giving up control is hard to do...i re-try it every day.

i am more sensitive to others than how i am treated, mostly.
K13 said…
OK - you just OFFICIALLY became my blog crush!! I think we are Soul Mates!! I'm with you on every last word here.

I'm also sick of people calling me out on being a pessimist when I am actually a REALIST...realist because I'm sick & tired of getting my hopes up (optimist activity) and being CONSTANTLY let down my other people. The human race is pathetic. People suck...not all of them, just most of them.

Oh and yep, if you tell me I am being crabby or grumpy whatever - well I certainly will be after just pissed me off. Sorry I don't wear a Clown smile from ear to ear 24/7!!!

@ Brain - Yes, to my face! I would of been okay with it had I been prepared, but I was totally caught off guard and it left me speechless which is a hard thing to do. So I'm not sure what I was more upset with - the name calling or myself. Either way, I'll get over it.
@K13 - Awww thanks!! Truth be told, you have been my blog crush since I started this blogging schtick.

I'm usually not bothered by the idiots of the world, but I just can't take it any longer - they are everywhere and are sapping the life out of me.

Call me bithcy and I'll show you bitchy, but if you leave me alone, I will be fine. Do you think it has something to do with both of us being only children? Hmmm, maybe we are soul sistas...
You should give them a gift - a thesaurus. Seriously people tire me with their incessant use of the word B***h. Be creative!

I have had that happen to me, my response actually was -

"Well aren't you creative?!"

I obviously do not speak to that person anymore.

Hope your day gets better :)
Sylvia said…
I feel simultaneously disappointed and fascinated by the human race. Disappointed because when we have a problem we are really all alone. Fascinated because people in their own lives, in their own circles, are amazing. I don't know; I don't understand.
Chrissy said…
I hate when people say "is someone having a bad day" when I'm obviously having a bad day. I really want to say. "F-off."
bandit said…
I'm really enjoying this blog and the comments. All I can say is that, after 56 years of life on this planet, I find that some types of people are extremely predictable, most notably, the bully type. When you stand up to them or ignore them, they mock you. Usually this happens within several days or so, depending on the circumstances (how often you have to see them, etc). Their mockery also shows a complete misunderstanding of why you had to stand up to them to begin with. Sensitivity scares them. The idea that you can see through them terrifies them. And when they can no longer affect you, they feel so very powerless. What a miserable life, that of a bully. On the other hand, there's the passive-aggressive type. They try to control you through passivity. They're always conveniently too stupid to do what needs to be done. So you get to do it. I like straight shooters. There are some of those around. They are a breath of fresh air. You folks here seem like a bunch of straight shooters.

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