Run Fat Boy Run...

After surviving the temptations of high school and college and learning how to effectively say “NO” throughout adulthood; I have finally snapped and caved into peer pressure. I am a hypocrite. I am about to do something that I never thought I would. I am disappointed in myself and ashamed by my actions and now my only hope is that I do not bring shame upon my family.

What have I done? Well apart from losing my mind, in a moment of weakness, I have agreed to join a friend and train for a 3K. Seriously what was I thinking? I despise running and particularly hate all the sweating, wheezing, breathless, nausea-related parts and unless I’m being chased by a raging rhinoceros, I would prefer not to do it.

It’s always something I thought I might be interested in doing and competing in a triathlon is one of those things on my bucket list. In honesty, it’s that one thing I’ve put on the list to force me to do everything else on the list first – not thinking I would actually have to follow through and compete in one.

I hear it’s a great way to loose weight, but then again I’ve heard the same thing about Alli and refuse to try that method. The worst part of all this, I’m pretty competitive so I’ll refuse to admit defeat regardless of how painful the process will be and with that, I certainly won’t be the best or fastest in the group, but I can guarantee you that I won’t be the last to arrive at the finish line.

Since I’ve enjoyed following K13’s progress with her 5K endeavors on her blog, I plan on using her as my source of inspiration throughout the difficult times ahead. If she can manage her continuing education, a career, a household (complete with a two year old) and still manage to run at the end of the day, I should be able to manage..ummm...something…

Wish me luck, the first torture session starts tonight and tomorrow, I will likely need to call in sick.


M.J. said…
Whatever gets you going--good luck with your training!
CrazyCris said…
good luck!

running's one of those thing's I've also frequently thought would probably be a good way to help me lose weight... until I realise I'd actually have to spend time out there running... nuhuh!

but I admire your taking that step and charging in with a will! It's good to have an objective!
LOL! I have been meaning to watch that movie, I love the actor :)

Good luck with the running, it's tough!
@MJ - Thanks. I figure what doesn't kill me, can only make me stronger.

@Cris - I'll let you know how I make out. I think the best part of running is the fact that I bought new shoes!

@SA - You have to watch that movie - it's side splitting hilarious!
Sylvia said…
Great courage! "Keep on running"...
Brian Miller said…
any thing to call in sick...perhaps you should hire a rhino on the day of the race for a little extra good luck with it...i hear the first couple days are the worse...just keep that in mind.
@Sylvia - Thanks.

@Brian - I've heard the same thing about the first few days and am scared - especially when I clocked the distance in my car. 3K is far - I don't even think I can walk that far!
K13 said…
Good luck to you...and hopefully you don't hit a brick wall like I have with the 4 mile mark...oh and now I also have left foot and calf pain...even so much to cancel out of this Saturdays 5K race. Running DOES suck...but it also burns ALOT of calories.
f8hasit said…
I think I'll start training with you! Vicariously of course...

Good luck to you! I really DO mean to start back to serious conditioning, so I may be sharing shin splints with you in the upcoming weeks.

You go girl!

(btw: did you see that movie, run fat boy run? It was hysterical. I loved it.)
K13 said…
Oh & I just found this website...I think I'll have to get a shirt here and you should

I'm thinking about the "will run for chocolate"
@K13 - Thanks! The ONLY reason I'm running is for the hopeful weight loss. God knows, there is nothing fun about it.

I hope you foot and calf pain clear up and you can continue on. Maybe you just need a little more time between the big races.

Love the website - I'm feeling the "seemed like a good idea" t-shirt at this point in time.

@f8hasit - Yes, I did see that movie and LOVED it! I think for my first race, I'll be running for "erectile dysfunction".

I'd love to provide encouragement and say that you will enjoy running, but let's be honest - you won't, it's awful. Maybe swimming, but certainly not running...

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