Superior Scribbler - Yes, That's What I Am...

JB @ It’s Gonna Take More Than A Hamburger To Make Me Happy awarded me this fantastic Superior Scribbler Award. I pride myself on my scribbling talents and am super excited to have received this award from JB because her blog is super hysterical and she is such a talented writer. I also take pride in coloring outside the lines, but I don’t think there is an award for that yet, so this one is even more special. Thanks, JB!

Now for the hard part - the rules and they much be followed:

1. Pass the award on to 5 deserving bloggy friends

I hereby award JW @ Jessi Bob and the Monsters, SA @ The Decline of Youth and the Beginning of Me, CrazyCris @ Here and There and Everywhere, Renee @ Renee's World and Sylvia @ Rock The Cage.

2. Name the person who passed the award on to you & link back to his or her blog

Thanks again to JB @ It’s Gonna Take More Than A Hamburger To Make Me Happy!

3. Display the award on your blog


4. Link to this post which explains how the award came to be & add your name to the Mr. Linky List at the end of that post.

I'm number 944.

I wonder who will be number 1000.


Anonymous said…
Awwe thanks for the award!! :-)
Brian Miller said…
scribbling is fun...and 944 is not a bad number to be. congrats on the award. hope you had a great holiday.
CrazyCris said…
Congrats on receiving this!

and... Sweet!

Thanks, it's nice to see scribbling recognised! :o)

But I'm so far behind on acknowledging awards... I'd better get to it! :p
JW.BW said…
YIPPIE YIPPIE YIPPIE!!!! thanks for the award!

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