Seriously?? What Was He Thinking???

I was feeling pretty good after my “Fall” post of yesterday and was slowly coming to terms with the cold reality that after Fall comes the shitiest time of year Winter. According to my calendar, I should have approximately another 6 more weeks of semi-tolerable weather. I was feeling fine…until…

While enjoying my morning coffee, my jackass lovely husband had taken it upon himself to stomp on my fantasy of everlasting warmth and informs me that he has made an appointment for my snow tires to be put on my car in last week of October. While I applaud his forward-thinking nature, WTH was he thinking? You would think that he has learned that I will not tolerate that kind of trash-talk in my household.

And then, since he’s on a roll, he decides that perhaps we should make a trip to Home Depot tonight and purchase this:

Cub Cadet 28" Snow Thrower (Photo Courtesy of Home Depot)

His explanation: “We should get one early. Remember last year, they sold out.”

Me: “You know if you bring it home - IT will come.”

Him: “What will come?”

Me: “The @$*%!* snow you moron.”

Him: “Well at least we’ll be prepared. Just like the boy scouts.”

Me: “I am prepared. I’m prepared to go all spider monkey on your ass if you mention winter to me again, especially not before I’ve had my coffee and certainly not before November 15th!”

He obviously ignored my rant about the snow tires two minutes earlier or he would have known what was coming. I think there is something wrong with him – the man is just not right…


JW.BW said…
It was 108 degrees here today :-) Sorry, I had to rub it in!!
Chrissy said…
Maybe if you buy the snowblower, it WON'T come. Opposite is usually how it works, no?

Like the year I DIDN'T hire a snow plow guy and we got the most snow in like a hundred years.
Brian Miller said…
rofl. spider monkey...priceless. maybe the wacky weather will give a warm (insert that time of year as i am afraid of spidermonkeys). have a great weekend!
f8hasit said…
OOOhhhhh, Ahhhhh.
Snow or no snow, I like the snow blower.
But then, I like power tools. That ones purdy.

But I agree with Chrissy. If youi buy it, it won't snow. It's when you are UN prepared that it'll dump on you.

So he's just protecting you! What a nice guy.
But he could've added on a nice ticket to the Bahamas with it! (just in case)


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