Take A Dive With Me...

After my "crazy friends" post of yesterday, I need to refocus of things that make me happy and thought I would share one of my passions with today's post - scuba diving.

It’s only 71 more days until I’m headed to Bonaire for another installment of Travel and Dive Girl's excellent scuba adventures. This upcoming trip to Bonaire will be trip #7 for me since 2000 and just when I think I’ve experienced everything Bonaire has to offer, I am pleasantly surprised with its awesomeness.

I have accumulated over 90 dives on Bonaire, the majority of which have been made from shore. There is no need to get up early and run to the dock to catch your boat and then make chit chat with annoying tourists that inevitably crowd your personal space and eventually end up seasick - hurling over the side of the boat beside your head. No, I don't consider myself a tourist, especially after 7 visits.

The beauty of shore diving - peace and quiet and no irritating people; unless of course my husband counts on that particular day, but once we are underwater even he can't kill a good thing. Once underwater, the only sound is the sound of your own breath and the exhale of bubbles.

Here are a few of the things you might experience along the way…

Shore Entry - Just Walk In...Easy Right?

Within moments, you are 80% likely to spot one of these guys in the shallows...

Turtle, Turtle

As we swim a little deeper, I spot movement in the coral below me and motion for my husband to move in for the photograph. Can you see him?

Baby Golden Tail Moray Eel (I think)

Then, there are a few other fellas which are pretty cool...

Flamingo Tongue (it's kinda of like an underwater slug)

And this guy...

Spotted Trunk Fish (I think)

Oh, just one more...pretty...

Anenome with Bubble Shrimp (sorry Nemo doesn't live on Bonaire)

As our air begins to run low, it's time to head in, but not before I notice my husband flailing his arms frantically. First thoughts, WTH? Is he having a seizure? Should I be concerned? Wait, no...it's this guy he's excited about and then we proceed to chase him for another 5 minutes. Don't let their grace fool you, they can swim a lot faster than I possibly thought I could...

Spotted Eagle Ray

So now what? I say, let's head to the beach. Are you with me?

Pink Beach


JW.BW said…
That is soooo beautiful!! Just amazing!! I cant wait to see your pics from this trip!!

I really wish I could get over how much i detest swimming. I dont like that wierd sound when your head goes underwater. Eekkk. maybe one day I will get over it, but its doubtful, so I will just have to enjoy your pics!!
Brian Miller said…
totally with you! the pics are amazing...thanks for taking us with you...just what i needed today.

hope the days fly by for you until the trip!
Sylvia said…
That's not fair. I'm going to die here looking at these photos!
CrazyCris said…

damn, I can't believe I've never been diving in tropical waters! :s but I haven't been back to the tropics in over a decade.

very cute Moray!

Hmmm... I wish I felt the same way about shore dives, they're a lot cheaper! :p
Thing is what with hurting my back last year and discovering a herniated disc... walking into the water with all that weight on my back is probably NOT a good idea... these days I plop my stuff overboard and put it on in the water.
@JW - Believe me, I don't like swimming either and I know it sounds strange, but diving is totally different and only 1/2 the work.

@Brian - Thanks - I hope you enjoyed the trip.

@Sylvia - I feel like I die a little every time I have to leave this place. *sigh*

@Cris - If you can only make it on tropical destination again, I would encourage you to make it Bonaire.

There is a ton of boat diving too, but the shore diving here is extremely easy. I have a few friends with back problems that dive with us and because there is no current or heavy surge on most sites, we simply carry everything in first, float it out and then put it on and away you go. There are also a ton on sites "in town" which have piers and a giant stride is all you need to do.
Stalker v1.5 said…
Me = jealous. That looks like super fun!

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