Random Thoughts - Cake and Nerds...

  • I jumped in my car this morning and while I was saying goodbye to my husband, he noticed I had a partially flat tire. Quickly we switched vehicles, so he could take mine in to have the tire checked. I was thinking what a great husband I had, until he announced that his truck needed to be filled up and it would be great if I could get the oil changed for him on my lunch. $65 later, I was on way to work…ughh!

  • My co-worker on the other side of my cube wall has voluntarily left our company. Although her last day was only on Friday, I’m already missing commiserating with her. I suspect I will miss her more come payday, as she was our payroll coordinator and they haven’t found a replacement for her yet.

  • I arrived at work this morning to find a carrot cake sitting on my desk - not just one piece, but a whole cake! I have our receptionist to thank for that. I just happened to mention in passing yesterday, that I love carrot cake and viola – today I have cake. She is awesome!

  • I work for a software development company and the majority of my co-workers are socially awkward nerds. Just passing them in the hallway, making eye contact and saying “hello” sends them into a frenzy. They don’t know how to react and a simple “hello” makes them stutter and stumble. Is it wrong that I love to torment them and find pleasure in the obvious discomfort that “hello” brings to them? Imagine the damage “How are you?” would do.


I'd experiment with a few "Nice tie" comments myself :D Or shirt if it's a little more casual :)
Brian Miller said…
sadly i have probably done that to my wife...my car stays pretty low on gas...too cool about the cake...love it when people do that...keep saying hi, its probably therapy for them. ha.
JW.BW said…
Nice job on making a carrot cake appear on your desk, I wish I had skills like that!! If I said I liked something my coworkers would probably run one over and then put it on my desk.

And BTW, I AM one of those socially awkward people who much prefers to be ignored... dont pick on the indoor kids!!! Intelligence people are all socially awkward!!! I know thats sooo hard to believe!
M.J. said…
Love the random act of cake-kindness!

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