I Want Wednesdays...

When I first started these Wednesday installments, they were called “Make a Wish Wednesdays”, but wishes are just a politically correct way of saying “I want”, so I’ve decided to be truthful to myself, cut through the niceness and say what I really mean – I want this stuff:

Sirius Satellite Radio – I would love to have Sirius Satellite Radio installed in my car. Common FM Radio just doesn’t cut it any more and because my commute is so long, I tend to hear the same songs each way, every day and I’m afraid that if I hear Jordin Sparks or Kelly Clarkson again, I will intentionally run my car off the road, just for the distraction.

Tailgator Gas-Powered Blender – How cool would this be? I would be the envy of all of my male friends with this little gadget.

The product description from the website states: “Whip up drinks wherever you are with this portable gas-powered blender. The powerful 24cc two-stroke 2-1/4 hp engine generates enough torque to perfectly blend a pitcher of drinks (without lumps) in just 15 seconds. A simple pull of the cord is all it takes to fire up the motor. The rpm's are infinitely adjustable, allowing you to enjoy just the right blend. The 48-oz. lightweight plastic pitcher detaches for easy pouring and clean-up. All controls (primer, choke and kill switch) are front-mounted for easy access.”

I don’t know what half the stuff actually means, but 15 seconds to mix a drink! Need I say more?

Tailgator Blender Carry Case – Don’t forget, a woman needs to accessorize and besides I need something to carry my blender around town, without it looking obvious or do you think the bag of ice might be what gives me away?


JW.BW said…
I know what you mean about the radio. Thats why I've started listening to so much talk radio. But that gets pretty redundant too!!

Awesome Tailgator!! Thats so neat!! I wonder if the drinks smell a little like gas though.
K13 said…
I wanted Sirius radio for a long time, but since I was working from home @ the time I just couldn't justify getting it, except for the detachable unit that I could take into my house and listen to my Detroit Tiger games...well, I never got it and now I can't afford it. Boo!!!

Go buy it!!
Brian Miller said…
ha. i know the feeling about the radio...some big trees have started to look pretty good. and yes, i have a good case of blender envy...
f8hasit said…
I got satelite radio when I bought my car last year, FOR a whole year. It was grand...
...but then I thought, why should I pay for radio. And it would cost me about $200+ for the year...so I didn't continue the service.

They came back and kept offering a month free, then 2, then 3, then 4. I finally signed back up when they offered me another year free.

Life is grand again.
Until I found out about that blender.


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