I'm Gonna Rock n Roll All Night & Party Every Day! (and then take Tylenol)

I am happy to report that I scored the tickets I was hoping for. Whoo Hoo!!

Funny thing, I actually managed to buy more than I needed. Yup - you see when I was trying to purchase them on line, the best I could get were the 2nd best tickets, so in desperation I purchased them and then I checked ticket availability again and this time, the best tickets were available, so I purchased them too.

Thinking I would be such a fantastic mom and treat my son to his first rock concert, I asked my son if he would be interested in going and taking a friend. His response "Ummm, no I don't think so - those guys are old and I don't even know any of their music. It would just be awkward." Whaaat?

So now I have an extra set of tickets to unload, which I'm sure won't be too big of a problem - I have friends that are old and would actually appreciate them, not unlike my unappreciative, uneducated, uncultured 17 year old. *sigh*

I joke, he is a good kid, but his taste in music - not so much, but I'm sure my parents said the same thing about me and my dislike of Conway Twitty, Patsy Cline and Freddie Fender. Enough said...


f8hasit said…
I went recently to a Grand Funk Railroad concert. It was fun, but the crowd was quite diverse...

There were alot of parents with their kids saying, "This was the best song EVER!" with the kids just rolling their eyes and wishing their parents didn't know all the lyrics so they couldn't sing along.


Have fun!!!
Sylvia said…
That's typical teenage conversation. They don't know what is good :) Congratulations for your victory. Have fun!
Brian Miller said…
yay on scoring the tickets...my boys are like "you actually listened to that?" lol.
JW.BW said…
AWESOME!!! What are u going to wear? Heee Heee
Eric Salsbery said…
Excellent... KISS is awesome. I actually turned my 17 year old into a fan. Well it more truthfully Guitar Hero 2 that did.
Their song "Strutter" is in the game and when I told him i had that song on vinyl... he was dead impressed.
He has since become a fan.
I am likely taking him to the show in Sacramento this year.
Eric, loyal KISS fan since 1975
That's so funny! Hope you have fun! You should do full makeup and then take pictures with your son ;) It'll be a memory he will cherish for the rest of his life!

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