Random Tuesday Thoughts

  • Tonight was supposed to be my first night of my Jewelry Making/Silversmithing Course, but I received a phone call advising that it had been canceled. *boo, hiss* Now that my Tuesday nights are free, I have no other choice but to spend them with my family and let’s not forget, this quality time will also include the ever present nagging my son to do his homework and at my husband to turn the television volume down. *sigh*
  • I’m heartbroken and feel totally helpless every time I hear a news report about Haiti. People are dying in the streets, while there is an apparent “bottle neck” in relief supplies getting released from the airport. What’s the hold up here? Are we talking about the need for food, water and medical supplies to clear customs first?
  • Am I the only person that doesn’t care about American Idol and the fact that Simon Cowell is leaving after this season? Other shows I don’t care about - The Bachelor, The Biggest Loser or Dancing With The Stars. Especially, Dancing With the Stars with rumors of Kate Gosselin and Carrot Top joining the cast. WTH makes you a “star” by Hollywood standards if that freak Carrot Top is chosen to compete?
  • I believe I have the January blahs. It’s January and I feel like BLAH, so one can only assume that’s my problem. I have also self-diagnosed myself with SAD, ADD, BAD, TAD and HAD. I may have made the last two up, so we might want to add habitual liar to my list of things that could possibly be wrong with me.
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Brian Miller said…
that goodness you name is not chad...

i could care less about american idol...

sorry abou the class, it counded like fun... : (
Melanie said…
I don't care about American Idol either- I thought I was the only one! Glad to hear I'm not alone.

Haiti is really weighing on me as well. I wish that I could go down there and help...
M.J. said…
My heart goes out to the people of Haiti. I donated to Doctors without Borders over the weekend. They are a great nonprofit that I know will do everything they can to help in Haiti, not some top-heavy government organization.
CrazyCris said…
I couldn't care less about any of those either! (or any other reality show)

The news on Haiti is just as depressing on this side of the Atlantic, even though they try to show it in a more "postive" light by constantly mentioning the relief groups present and doing their best, but it's depressing to know it just isn't enough.
I am Harriet said…
Too bad they cancelled your class. It sounded neat.

Have a great Tuesday!
GregoryJ said…
I have never watched any of those shows, by choice. Seeing the ads for them was sickening enough. Simon asshole gets how many million dollars a year? versus teachers, nurses, police, firefighters et al who really do something worth while.
Not fair, not at all. In fact, it's stupid. We are a stupid society, placing the likes of him, athletes, actors, divas, 'singers' at the top.

I also, claim ADD and SAD, but you lost me after that.

My wife was really into jewelry making and such. she was pretty good, too, but has been well enough for several years to get back into it. Maybe the class will come around again.

Rachel said…
You're right, all those shows suck, except for Biggest Loser, which I watch with Boots.
Gavin said…
About time I found someone who agrees with me on those shows. I sometimes watch AI like towards the very end just because I love music and like to hear new singers, but otherwise, I could careless. XD

I'm sorry about your class. That would bum me out too. Well not that topic of class, but if something that I planned on like that suddenly was a no go.
Sarah said…
I do actually watch dancing with the stars, the bachelor and the biggest loser but at least for dancing with the stars and the bachelor, I am over the cheesiness of them. I do find inspiration from the biggest loser so that is why I watch it. I haven't watched American Idol for several seasons and don't care much anymore either.

I am glad to hear someone else has the January blah's - that is what you thought I had from that comment you left me. I think some more sunshine would help. Maybe I should go tanning - although it's bad for you. Haha - you can't win right?

Hopefully you will have a chance to take your jewelry making class soon!

And yeah, the Haiti thing just stinks. There is such a hopeless feeling we all have - there isn't much we can do except give monetarily. Sad situation.
JennAventures said…
Haiti is terrible-the main bottleneck (from what I've read) is that the airport has only one working runway and that the seaside ports were destroyed in the quake making it difficult to bring anything in. One of the methods they are trying is helicoptering and dropping supplies down into army bases to bring in. Its just awful.

I watch the Bachelor for feelings of supiority.

I hate January blah-worse yet is the Febuary Frump.

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