Ignorance is Bliss...

I’ve traveled a bunch and each and every trip is an adventure to me. I love everything about traveling -from the sights, the sounds, the cultural differences and even the language barrier.

There is something so refreshing about not being able to fully understand everything that is going on around me. Not that I’m an eavesdropper, but sometimes you just can’t help but overhear conversations happening around you. The worst case scenario for me is being surrounded by annoying high pitched whiners or those that love to complain about EVERYTHING. You know the ones…

I find this to be very distracting and sooner or later, it starts to grate on my nerves and then I become consumed with trying to silence these individuals with my “laser beam death gaze”, but since I haven’t perfected it, I’m forced to listen to mindless banter for hours on end.

However; when visiting locations where English is not the first spoken language, whining in my vicinity is totally acceptable because regardless of what is being said, it still sounds exotic and besides, if I can’t actually understand what is being said, I lose interest quickly. Ignorance is bliss.

Now, if I could just teach my co-workers Italian, all would be right with the World.


So true! Haha! However, as I have history (bad one) with Italians, I'll opt for Gaelic or something almost dead :) Have a great day!
Brian Miller said…
i find myself ignorant more and more these days...smiles.

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