The Stars Align...

Today’s Horoscope:

Aries - Today is filled with unexpected surprises. The only thing you know for sure is that you need rest to avoid creating stress. Give yourself permission.

My Response:

WHOOO WHOO! "Unexpected surprises" can be a double-edged sword, but my boss is out of town for a couple of days, so my chances of getting fired are slim.

Guess what I’m doing for the next couple of hours? *ding, ding, ding* You guessed it - making sure I rest to ensure that I avoid creating stress. I LOVE it when my astrological stars align.


Brian Miller said…
nice. sounds like you are in for a great day!
Sarah said…
Haha. That is cute. Sounds like you deserve a rest and hey - why fight what fate, right? :)

I got to 'rest' a little today at work too. It was slow because of Martin Luther King Jr. day. Hope you didn't get fired and that you had a good day!
K13 said…
Yay for the boss being out of town..those are always my favorite days too!! Get some rest!!
Mostlygrocery said…
Well enjoy your day and make sure to have the best of it =) Haiti wow, that just came out of nowhere , no warnings or anything .. scary

R. Jacob said…
Whoops, not a Scorpio who knew?

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