Random Tuesday Thoughts - Rum, Delivery Guys, Oceans, OCD

As it is Tuesday, The Un Mom is hosting her random party.  Go see her and you’ll understand where random originated.
The plans for my Rum Punch Party (Version 2.0) are going very well.  So far, I’ve managed to talk my friend into making me a cake (scuba themed) and my mother-in-law into preparing the roast beef (for BBQ beef on a bun).   A couple of friends are bringing salads.  My BF that can’t cook is bringing deviled eggs, which should be interesting – about 3 years ago she called me and asked me how to boil eggs (true story).   So far, I have 18 confirmed guests.   If you’re looking for something to do on the 26th, I’m looking for someone to bring some appetizers…
We had a new refrigerator delivered on Saturday.  Our “old” one in the basement stopped working and since we cannot possibly live throughout the summer with sub-par warm beer, we were left with no other choice.  We paid extra for the delivery and removal of the old one.  The delivery men were obviously not informed of this because when I told him it needed to go to the basement, they were miserable and copped some serious attitude with me.  First time (in a long time) I’ve had to give two grown men attitude adjustments.   Sears Canada has not heard the end of this either…
Our home computer died on Sunday.  Fortunately, J was able to restore everything including the installed programs.  I guess his OCD tendencies have paid off.  He is living proof that having 2 separate back-ups and a disaster recovery plan for your home computer can in fact come in handy.  Who knew?
I guess maybe I should listen to him now that he’s telling me we should have a 72 hour emergency kit at home.  Apparently, two candles and a book of matches does not constitute a “kit”.
I’m still absolutely miserable in my day job.  I NEED to be kept busy.  If not, I find fault in everyone around me and soon their actions become like fingernails on a chalkboard.    

Today is World Oceans Day and in honor, CrazyCris is hosting a World Oceans Day Blog-a-thon, so be sure to stop on over and pay her a visit…she’s wise in the way of oceans, fish and sea critters.  Unfortunately, I’m not an active participant this year, but in doing my part, I’ll share a photo from some of my adventures “under the sea”.

 Gumby in Bonaire
Jelly Fish Lake, Palau
 Wild Water, Caribbean Sea


K13 said…
Jellyfish seriously freak me out...ever since I was on the back of a jetski with O when we went to Cabo (a billion years ago) and I fell off...apparently right into a big 'ol party of jellyfish...I wish I knew that if he peed on my leg the burning would have gone away. I'll be prepared if it ever happens again though.
Simply Suthern said…
After Hugo hit in 89 and an ice storm in 91 I decided to purchase a generator. What a life saver it has been. I have not lost power or had to fire it up since except to burn the old gas out. I backed my wifes computer up twice only to find out she tends to throw out old disks she doesnt recognize.

Hope your party goes well.
VandyJ said…
Hope the party goes well, the menu sounds yummy. I am jealous of the places you've traveled. Someday, sigh.
Raven said…
Sounds like it's going to be a great party! Have fun!
Rum Punch Party? I wish I lived closer - you could count me in! I'd bring the appetizers! ;)

Having to give grown men an attitude adjustment is not fun - the Sears delivery guys seem to be bigger whiners than they used to be.

RTT: Stylin', Rats, Frogs and Princss Nagger
@K13 - Those jellies are "non-stingers" - apparently they've evolved. I was more concerned with sucking them down my snorkel.

@Simply Suthern - We have a generator too (I forgot about that), but have never had to use it either.

@VandyJ - Traveling gets easier when the kids get older.

@Raven - At least I know the rum will be good!

@Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) - Thanks for following - too bad you didn't live closer since I actually might have to make the appetizers myself *sigh*.
CrazyCris said…
Yummmmm.... rhum fiesta! ;o)

You don't want me to link you up to the Blog-A-Thon? Still time!
Brian Miller said…
oh, nice pics...i forgot all about world oceans day...i think i met you at that blogothon last year...

so when is the rum party?
Jessi J. Walton said…
Rum Punch Party huh? That sounds like a good time!!! Wish I was closer!!
shopannies said…
sounds as if you are getting a good start to what sounds like will be a great party
Christina said…
I so wish I lived closer. A Rum Punch Party sound like my kind of fun... and I can cook!

We have two and a half (counting the mini upstairs) fridges at our house and I can't imagine life without them.
Jingle said…
loved the images!
Jingle said…

June awards 4 u,

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