Winning Wednesday...

Okay folks – today is the big day!  I’m pleased to announce the winner of my first giveaway, which has been brought to you by Flamingo Tongue Designs.
The winner gets to choose from one of the following items:

  Blueberry Hill Necklace

Genuine Sea Glass Earrings

Figure 8 Necklace

Cook Book - "Food to Dive For"

So without further adieu, the winner is….


By the way, there's still time left if anyone is interested in purchasing an item from Flamingo Tongue Designs, valued at $25.00 or more, you can use the following promo code at checkout and you will receive an extra 25% off your purchase:
Promo Code:    LCQ76B7L8F7


VandyJ said…
Wow! I won. Thanks so much! Thought I'd stop by and see who won and it was little old me! Too cool!
Insert sad face...but good sport. Congrats to VAndyJ
CrazyCris said…
Congrats indeed! :o)

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