Surprisingly Premium...

Without the distraction of quality television programming during the summer months, I find myself paying closer attention to television commercials than I normally would. O.K. that’s a bit of a lie - truth be told, I’m a commercial and advertisement junkie.

I admittedly purchase items based solely on their advertising appeal or attractive packaging. For example, I’ve been converted by the Most Interesting Man in the World and now my beer of choice is Dos Equis.

Although my decision to purchase a MacBook was not at all based on the brilliance of the PC vs. Mac Guy commercials, I could see how one could be easily swayed to believe that if you own a Mac, iPhone or iPod, it comes complete with an interesting life, lots of friends and excitement too. Brilliant and disturbing at the same time…

I’ve been know to boycott items because I’ve disliked their advertising. For example, I refuse to purchase the Charmin brand of toilet paper. I find these commercials disturbing on so many levels. There is something wrong with dancing bears parading about, bending over and displaying the left over toilet paper remnants on their bottoms. I don’t care if point to this commercial is that the toilet paper is extra strong – it’s just wrong.

Recently, Wendy’s Hamburgers has been running a commercial for the new Asian Chicken Tenders and there is one line in the commercial that I find amusing…”Wendy’s Asian Chicken Tenders are “surprisingly premium” for fast food.” What is that? Translation: “Usually, our food is third rate, but we’ve decided to step up our game a little and now, the chicken contains real meat.”

“New improved taste” is another advertising slogan I don’t understand. Translation: “We realized it tasted like sawdust before, but now it tastes like sawdust with a hint of lemon.”

In my opinion, there is one advertising campaign that is so brilliant in its simplicity, it cannot go unmentioned and it was the idea of a 26 year old intern at the advertising agency. I hope this intern received a promotion.

Introducing – New Improved Diamond Shreddies:

Funny thing, while driving by one of these billboards one day, my co-worker actually turned and said to me “Gee, I wonder how different they are from the old ones.” I didn’t have the heart to say a word, but should have replied “Considering they are diamond shape, I suspect they are surprisingly premium.” And people think I'm gullible...


LOL! That is hilarious! I think I have your diamonds beat though. I'm originally from El Paso, TX the last corner of Texas going west and it is a primarily Hispanic population. The best advertisement I ever saw on the road was one for "Amberbock Beer - Imported from Texas." I hadn't realized the city of El Paso had seceded from the rest of Texas and formed the 51st state :D I was just glad I wasn't the driver I was laughing so hard!
K13 said…
you made some good points here and the diamond, they sure look "exciting"
Brian Miller said…
ha. thats awesome. yeah the cartoon toilet paper clingons...disturbing. i don't know how much the advertising really gets me. don't get me wrong, enjoy a good commercial, but...i think it has more the power to turn me off.
JW.BW said…
Oh So FUNNY!! I really love commercials too. I absolutely find the charmin commercials disturbing!! Who the heck thought of that anyway!! YUCK!!
f8hasit said…
I watch the superbowl for the commercials only. Most of THOSE are fabulous. I don't watch the football, just the commercials.

But most everyday commercials are horrible. And all the ones for some drug or another...have you ever actually listened as they speed up when they tell you all the side effects? Pleeeeaaaazzze!

Great post. Love it.
SA - "imported from Texas" - that's hilarious...

K13 - Although the look more exciting, ultimately they taste the same and are boring without brown sugar.

Brian and JW.BW - I am disturbed on so many levels by those Charmin bears.

f8hasit - I only watch the Superbowl for the commercials too! Those drug commercials are something else. The list of side effects always seem far worse than the ailment itself.
Chrissy said…
I'm a commercial junkie, too! I just saw a movie with the "Mac" guy in it and I pointed him out to my friends. "Hey look! I'ts the Mac guy." They looked at me like I was nuts that I even knew that.

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