Excuse Me While I Ramble...

  • Today is my son’s 17th birthday. As he is on a boat somewhere along the Alaskan coast and a phone call is not feasible, I’ve tried to send him a text message and cannot figure out the damn alphabet on the phone pad – all I’ve been able to come up with is “Hisspy Bistry”. Perhaps a new phone with a complete keypad or an iPhone would solve my texting challenges.

  • On my drive into work this morning, I had to pass no fewer than 9 cars, a dump truck and a school bus. I had assumed that they must have thought it was Sunday given they were out for a leisurely drive in the country.

  • Where is summer? If you’ve seen it, I would appreciate it if you would send it my way. A generous reward is being offered for its safe return to my backyard. Canadian summers are short enough and without it, I’m becoming suspect of my mental stability.
  • I just grabbed a juice box from the refrigerator here at work (one of our perks) and I quite possibly look like the biggest moron on the planet while I’m sucking away on the tiny straw, which was obviously meant for a 3 year old. Note to self – not worth the effort.

  • I’m convinced Mr. Bean has taken a side job as an internal auditor in my company. Not only does he look like him, but the man hardly speaks and when he does, it’s a low mumble - exactly like Mr. Bean. If I see Teddy emerge, I’ll be sure to get his autograph.


Brian Miller said…
know you are missing your son today. interesting random snap shots of the day. enjoy your juice box, in peace from others judgement. smiles.
Brian - Today seems more random than most, but I'm telling you it's because of the lack of summer!
CrazyCris said…
Well I think we definitely have a few degrees to spare around here... how do want them delivered? Regular mail or Fedex? ;o)

I totally envy your son, spending his birthday off the Alaskan coast! Getting to see orcas and other fabulous critters!!!
Cris - Before my son went, I told him that if he has a chance, he should try to do some kayaking (as he loves to do it) in hopes that he can see the orcas up close. Hopefully he does - as that would be truly a once in a lifetime opportunity, but I suspect he didn't think the idea was such great one.
I love Mr. Bean. I have the entire series on DVD. I would have way too much fun messing with a guy who looked and acted like him! :)
Anonymous said…
I agree with you that our weather hasn't been all that sunny... lately all we've been having is rain.. or sun and rain in the same day. Why can't we have full sunny days?
Chrissy said…
It's only 69 degrees here. We can't find summer either.

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