Just A Photo...

How does anyone expect me to work on my blog, if they keep giving me work to do? I have a blog to manage people, can you please come back and give me work later?

Work is hectic today, so today's post is limited to a photo (o.k, it's my husband's photo) from one of our travels...


K13 said…
very nice picture!! where is it? I have some that I took in Taos and Santa Fe, NM and this one reminded me of them.
f8hasit said…
That's fabulous!
Woth framing, if you haven't done so already!

Fact is, worth selling...sign me up, I'll buy one!
K13, sorry I forgot to post where it was. It's on my favorite Caribbean island of Bonaire.
CrazyCris said…
I was about to ask as well where it was from! :p

Yeah, work can be so inconsiderate that way! Interfering in blogging... how mean! If all these pesky classes I had to prepare and teach would just disappear I would have finished my final Hogueras photos and video and posts already! Sheesh!
Anonymous said…
That's a beautiful photo! A frame within a frame! Lovely!
f8hasit - I'll pass your interest along to my husband.

CrazyCris - I feel your pain - work gets in the way of everything fun.

Rain - Thanks!
interesting shot. Nice work.

Don't people at your place of employment understand we are doing God's work here. Sheesh.
Chrissy said…
I wish I could blog from work. I get cockblocked. Only I'm not a dude so I guess I get pussypaused. No fun. :-(
Brian Miller said…
intriguing pic. a windo through a window to beyond...such an old building...where is it from?

have fun at work today. ha.
Candy - Thanks! My employers just don't have the same sense of urgency as I do towards blogging as we do (for that matter, they don't even know what blogging is).

Chrissy - LOL - pussypaused? Love it! I'm planning a future post on "words I've learned from blogs" and this one is sure to make the list. Thanks.

Brian - The building is what I believe to be an old house on Bonaire.

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