Random Thoughts...

  • My boss is an ass. Until today, I thought he respected my opinion and certainly valued my ability to make comprehensive, well-informed decisions in his absence. Apparently, that is not the case and I am viewed as a moron that can’t possibly correctly interpret a clause in a contract without the assistance of someone else. Long story short, he is on holidays and in his absence, I’m typically “in charge” of answering any legal questions that may arise. Anyhow, I was copied on an e-mail chain, which I obviously shouldn’t have received, in which my boss sent to another individual in the company, stating “you may need to provide her (me) with your interpretation skills” (because she is too stupid to read the clause herself). That little e-mail has certainly made my “Should I Stay or Should I Go” decision a lot easier.
  • It’s a long weekend in Canada. Monday, August 3rd is the actual holiday. I think it is called Simcoe Day. While I don’t actually know what the “point” of the holiday is, I don’t really care either. It’s a long weekend and that’s all I need to know.
  • My husband and son are both home today and have plans to work together on building new steps for our front entrance. Sounds like a great father/son bonding experience right? Ummm – no. Not to be a cynic, but this is a recipe for disaster. My husband expects anyone working with him to have mind reading capabilities and while I’ve honed these skills over our many years together, my son has not. I am so thankful to be at work today – even if my boss is an ass.
  • In my region of southwestern Ontario, there have been 26 days of rain in the month of July. Does anyone how long it took Noah to build his arc? Just wondering if I should be making a trip to Home Depot this weekend…

  • I think I may have a thing for older men, as I have a crush on this man:


Well at least you could now leave without any worries about your boss. That does make it so much easier though doesn't it? Have a great weekend! PS it took Noah forever, just get yourself an inflatable raft ;D
K13 said…
I love older men too and Sean Connery - yum!!!

Holy crap on that email!?! He actually wrote that part in the parentheses? I would SO confront him on that. That is beyond rude & quite disrespectful, not to mention unprofessional. He is an ass for sure!!
SA - Thanks - I'll consider the raft - much less costly than an arc.

K13 - Sean Connery is yummy!

No, my boss didn't write the stuff in parentheses (that was my interpretation), but I know him and with the tone of the e-mail, he might as well of said that. I will be confronting him when he returns from holidays - hopefully when I'm giving him my notice.
Chrissy said…
What a DICK your boss is. I would have responded back to it with something sarcastic and then would have been cleaning out my desk.

It's been raining miserably in northeast Ohio, too, which is how I found out I need a new roof on my garage. Bye bye discretionary spending.
Brian Miller said…
well there you go.made that decision a whole lot easier. today ws my day off, rain all day. sucked.
Sylvia said…
Your boss, my boss, they are all made of the same dirt (Or... did I mean clay?...) About Sean Connery... I love him.

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