Life’s Like a Beach (if you can manage to keep sand out of your crack)…

I’ve been thinking about going to the beach this weekend. Ahhh the beach – warm sun, warm water, fresh air and sand…lots and lots of sand.

If it weren’t for the sand, the beach could almost replace Walt Disney World as the happiest place on earth; however the sand that encompasses the shoreline of the lakes, oceans and rivers and makes up the thing known as the “Beach” is unbearable to me. I strongly dislike sand. I particularly dislike the feeling of dried-on sand between my toes. You know what I mean – after you’ve been swimming and need to walk across the sand to your beach towel (Water + Sand = Crusty Toes). Ughhh…

When I was much lighter younger, I was successfully able to charm my then boyfriend (now husband) into sweeping me off of my feet and carrying to my awaiting throne beach towel without so much as a grain of sand touching my tootsies. Now realistically, I am well aware that a hormonal teenage boy would do just about anything with the thought of getting laid being at the forefront of his mind and with that thought driving his every move, he would have moved mountains; however I prefer to think he was selfless and chivalrous.

Fast forward to present and my husband would simply snort and leave me standing ankle deep in the water while he strolls away – leaving me to contemplate whether the mad dash or the hurried hop would be the most effective method of crossing “no man’s land” and reaching safety – all while minimizing the collateral damage to my feet.

Regardless of my choice, it will be a loosing battle because at the end of the day, I’ll be left wondering where the hell all the sand came from and no matter how long I shower, scrubbing every crack and crevice, you can guarantee that when I crawl into bed tonight, I will feel it – that one grain of sand grating across the sheets. It’s just like the fairytale The Princess and the Pea – I know something is there and it’s irritating me to the core.


f8hasit said…
I had a "a-ha' moment at the beach. I also, hated the sand, the mess is made in everything...

But one day I realized that I can 'deal' with the little bits of sand in my life. If you ask my daughter what my favorite two words are, she'll answer, "Machine Washable".

That's how I approach things nowadays. I can't control the sand, and where it goes, but I can enjoy my time at the beach even IF I have to deal with the sand in my life!

Would be nice to have someone carry me (and the stuff) though...

Ah..the days of youth.
Thanks for your post!
Brian Miller said…
ah, but nothing is perfect eh? all the wonder of the beach is bound to have it's catch, right. sand in the sheets...ick!
CrazyCris said…
I'm right there with you! The sand drives me nuts! When I get together with friends to head to the beach it's a constant tussle between them and me... they want the nice long sandy beach, I want the rocky beach below my house! (not just because of it's minimum sand, but because you can swim straight away, no need to wade in for miles, lol!)

yay! I'm getting my first dive of the summer tomorrow! Heading up the coast with friends, hope the water's clear and the currents minimal! :o)
JW.BW said…
Just stopped by and I love your blog!!

I totally agree about the sand thing... I'm such a freak about it I actually wear my flip flops in the water so I dont have to squash the sand with my feet. Glad to see I'm not the only one!!!

f8hasit - I've become better at dealing with sand than I used to be - especially since becoming a scuba diver. "Machine washable" is hilarious - funny what kids learn from us.

Brian - you're right, nothing in life is perfect. I manage to deal. To be honest, I think the sand in the sheets comes from my husband's feet - ick! is right.

Cris - I'm with you on the rocky beach - love them! I too get annoyed with having to walk forever to be able to actually swim, without getting sand into your swimsuit. How was your dive?

JW.BW - thanks for visiting. Look forward to you stopping by again.
K13 said…
that is hilarious. somewhere else today I read about a similar issue with sand. i'm glad that I don't have such a dislike for sand, however I do prefer just sitting by the pool and sunning myself, but that doesn't mean I don't go on the beach. i have a feeling this year I'll have sand all over the place, playing with th elittle guy and all.
K13 - Oh I totally forgot about the sand box horror...good luck and be strong!

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