I have recently realized that I cannot stand loud noise of any kind or maybe it’s the people and devices that make the noise that I can’t stand. The jury is still out on that one.

There are many noises that send me over the edge – the “dead battery” warning on your cell phone – please just turn it off or charge the damn thing; annoying cell phone ringtones – turn it down, we don’t need to hear “Super Freak” over and over again; background music from any Nintendo DS game – Nintendo can afford to splurge a bit on programming a longer tune instead of the same loop; honking car horns; screeching tires; people that suck food from their teeth (don’t even get me started on that one). Well, you get the picture…I'm bothered by noise.

Anyhow, today I am particularly irritated by the volume level on the television, which my husband insists on jacking up and leaving there through programs and the subsequent onslaught of commercials. The best part is - he doesn’t seem to think I notice the increased decibel level or the rising volume bar creeping across the bottom of the television screen. You think he would “get it” when the glassware in the kitchen begins to rattle, but NO, it doesn’t make a difference. Neither does my constant badgering at him to turn it down. I truly believe he is actually ignoring me, but the most likely cause is that he can’t actually hear me because the volume is too freakin loud!


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