Bootie (no, not gold or gems)

As warmer weather fast approaches, I’m faced with the reality that I’ve added some “junk in my trunk” over the winter – yep I’ve got a bigger bootie than I did in September of last year. Sigh…

I’ve never really been fussed with a few extra pounds here to there and my motto has been: “life is too short to cheat yourself out of the things you enjoy”. Having said that, I enjoy wearing nice clothes – particularly when those clothes were just purchased at the end of last season and by last account, my hips have expanded yet again which will preclude me the ability to wear those nice clothes. Sigh…

So, my New Year’s Resolution (yeah, I realize it’s a little late) is to loose a few pounds before summer. I’ve never been successful at dieting and quite frankly don’t intend to this time around either - I’ll simply practice moderation (medium fries instead of large), make healthier choices (like light beer) and exercise (yes, exercise). Although I do exercise on a regular basis, I don’t enjoy it, but then again does anyone really? I actually spend more time complaining about exercise than I do actually exercising. Perhaps that in itself could be considered exercise?

Enough of my complaining already, it’s time to get down to business and rid myself of the previous season’s indulgences before next season’s arrive.

Remember – a moment on the lips equals a lifetime on the hips…


"Remember – a moment on the lips equals a lifetime on the hips…"

Yeah, but it always tastes SO GOOD. I have this problem with beer. Oops.

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