"Make a Wish" Wednesday

My Wish: My wish this week is to win tonight’s Lotto 649 Jackpot – currently estimated to be at 32 million dollars. Although, that’s Canadian dollars, it’s still a lot of money and I would be able to do wonders with that kind of cash (both for myself and others).

For starters, here is what I would do if I won:

  1. Quit my job. I like my job but wouldn’t be able to take it seriously with that kind of cash in the bank.
  2. Pay off my mortgage and my car loan.
  3. Give my dad and in-laws some money and help them enjoy retirement.
  4. Take ten of my closest friends on an all expense paid scuba vacation.
  5. Renovate and landscape my existing home (add a pool and a hot tub too).
  6. Buy an ocean-front condo in Bonaire, so I have a place to escape the snow in the winter months.
  7. Build an affordable, fully accessible housing complex for seniors and those with disabilities in my home town.
  8. Start a scholarship program for disadvantaged teens - for those who can't afford a post-secondary education, but want one.
  9. Hire a house keeping and landscaping service for myself.
  10. Buy one boat and two motorcycles - one for me and one for my husband - no sense fighting about who will be the rider and who will be the driver.


Anonymous said…
32 million dollars would look great in my bank account! :P

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