Hooping for my Hips (and abs and butt and mental health)

I love my hula hoop! I have recently taken up “hooping” – a form of exercise involving nothing more than a glorified hula hoop and some hip movement. At first I was skeptical. I thought for sure, I would look like a moron and be totally uncoordinated.

Well, I do in fact look like a moron and I was slightly uncoordinated at first, but the truth be told - I don’t care because I am having FUN - while exercising! For about thirty minutes, three to four times a week, I hoop away in the comfort of my living room and enjoy every minute of it. This is a big improvement for me since I typically spend more time complaining about my treadmill than actually using it, but now the time spent hooping doesn’t seem so daunting - I guess time actually does fly when you’re having fun. Bonus: I’m actually dropping some weight in the process. Yeah!


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