Boat Drinks

It’s only 3.5 more days until I’m bound for a sunnier destination. 
I’m pretty stoked about my upcoming week of sand and surf, but then again I’m always excited about going away.  I think I was a nomad in a previous life.  I love going places, seeing different things and experiencing different cultures.  I like the thrill of the unknown…
I tend to get restless easily and despise winter.  I crave warmth and sunshine, so this vacation seems long overdue.   It’s not, but it seems that way.  Normally, I can only make it until early February before I snap and NEED to hop a plane to somewhere.   Seriously - normally, I would be in full meltdown mode by now, but this time it’s different – my Canadian winter has been more manageable than they have been in the past. 
Thank you Mother Nature.  I thank you.  My boss and co-workers thank you and most of all - my family thanks you.
On that note, I leave you with the lyrics from a song by Jimmy Buffett - Boat Drinks, which I’ve had stuck in my head for 3 days:
Boat Drinks
Boys in the band ordered boat drinks
Visitors scored on the home rink
Everything seems to be wrong

Lately, newspaper mentioned cheap air fare
I gotta to fly to saint somewhere
I’m close to bodily harm

Twenty degrees and the hockey games on
Nobody cares they are way too far gone
Screamin boat drinks, something to keep em all warm

This mornin, I shot six holes in my freezer
I think I got cabin fever
Somebody sound the alarm

I’d like to go where the pace of life’s slow
Could you beam me somewhere Mr. Scott?
Any ol place here on earth or in space
You pick the century and I'll pick the spot

Oh I know, (I know)
I should be leaving this climate
I got a verse but can't rhyme it
I gotta go where it's warm

Boat drinks
Waitress I need two more boat drinks
Then I’m headin south fore my dream shrinks

I gotta go where it's warm (I gotta go where it's warm)
I gotta go where it's warm (I gotta go where it's warm)
I gotta go where it's warm!

I gotta go where there ain’t any snow
Where there ain’t any blow
Cause my fin sinks so low
I gotta go where it's warm


Rachel said…
Oh, wow. Jimmy Buffet. I like him too. I think my very favorite song is "Come Monday." I like the whole Beach House on the Moon album.
Mama Zen said…
This is exactly how I feel, too!
Miss Angie said…
I am so totally jealous!
Anonymous said…
Take me with you. XD

I need to go somewhere like that.
Brian Miller said…
nice. hope you have fun! i could sure use a vaca!

Sarah said…
You are so lucky! I need a vacation so bad but it is not in the budget and probably won't be for a while! Hope you enjoy!
Anonymous said…
CrazyCris said…
where you off to this time? more underwater adventures I hope!!!

HAVE FUN!!! :o)

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