Astrological Genius...

I’m constantly baffled by horoscopes.  On one hand, I don’t know why I bother – it’s not like I totally believe them, but on the other hand, I’m drawn to them like a fly to wet paint.   
It’s a bit of an obsession and as I’ve mentioned here before, I trawl through the numerous horoscope listings for one that I feel best suits my mood, likes and dislikes for the day.  They all have their merits and sometimes, I prefer to choose a few good points from each to adopt the final piece as my guiding light for the day. 
Here are today’s pickings…

Horoscope #1
Until you know the real reason why you haven't heard from someone that you placed so much faith in, try not to jump to conclusions. After all, being aware that things can occur unexpectedly, this person does deserve the benefit of the doubt. Pay more attention to your inner voice. 
My Response:  I’m choosing to “pay more attention to my inner voice”.

Horoscope #2
Make adjustments, as others who rule the roost have very different ideas from you. Your intuition comes through when dealing with financial and partnership matters. You will make an excellent decision. Tonight: Dinner for two.
My Response:  I like the sound making an excellent decision, but dinner for two also sounds nice.

Horoscope #3
Adventurous day. Do you feel like having an adventure? Well today, you're more likely to have an adventure when you go on a short journey. No need to go very far, just someplace you've wanted to go before, yet never been. Today is also a good day to surprise a close friend with news or a small gift.
My Response:  I think I’ve had this horoscope before, but I always like the sound of an adventure.

Horoscope #4
The early part of the day seems to be a little fractious, in that your emotional sensitivity seems to be worn on your sleeve; everyone seems to be getting on your nerves. But as the day progresses, so this changes and you'll find that there's a more benevolent energy coming through. The recent emphasis on one-to-one situations seems to recede. What comes to the fore now is your need to attract resources, especially financial resources, to yourself. Avoid financial disagreements and all will be well - and if you can't avoid disputes, go in with strong convictions.
My Response:  I don’t like the sounds of this one.  I certainly don’t wear my emotional sensitivity on my sleeve; however everyone does seem to be getting on my nerves, but that I call PMS.

Horoscope #5
If you are creative or artistic then you will soon get the chance to show what you can do. But what if you don’t know what you can do? That’s okay – you’ll find out soon enough. Your special talent is about to make itself known. 
My Response:  I like this one and choose to use all of it to my benefit.

And here's what I call...Astrological Genius...

My Made-Up Horoscope For Today – Horoscope #6
If you are creative or artistic then you will soon get the chance to show what you can do. Your special talent is about to make itself known.  Until then, pay attention to your inner voice and beware of idiots that will get on your nerves.  Unexpectedly, you will make an excellent decision in your choice of an adventurous dinner for two.


Sarah said…
I like the way you think! Good call choosing your response to each one and making them fit your day!

I don't really believe them but there have been so many times that I have read one after my day is almost over and a lot of it fit!

Hope you have a great day! :)
R. Jacob said…
I read them also. I have one on my page that I like the most. However, I know, deep down inside, that if you jumbled them up and gave me someone else's reading I would think it was mine.
Miss Angie said…
Haha, I love horoscopes too! :) But you do have to take them with a grain of salt.
Brian Miller said…
ha. love your made up horoscope...hope your opportunity comes...
Jacqui said…
I had friends who used to read them and then tailor their day to fit so that at the end of the day they could look back and say it was all true.

I never understood their logic!
Miss Journey said…
Lol. I know exactly how you feel. I approach horoscopes from a similar perspective. Take what I want from it and ignore the rest.

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