Trouble In Paradise...

Sorry, I haven't had a chance to post for a few days. For being on island time, things are very busy. We have been averaging 3 dives a day, so by the time 7:30 comes along, I am ready for bed - at least my body is and my mind doesn't know any better. I guess that bedtime comes with age, but I just thought it would wait a little longer.

Today was the first time in my 20 year marriage that I can honestly say that I contemplated my husband's detail. I know, SHAME on me! But if you were here you would understand that together we were a recipe for disaster. There are days when I need to count to 10 at least 3-4 times daily, but today - counting to 100 backwards wouldn't have helped diffuse the numerous situations we found ourselves in. We are both fairly easy going - especially when we are on holidays, but today was a disaster!

We both woke up on the wrong side of the bed and would have been better served to just stay there. One of my pet peeves is indecisiveness and today J was in fine form and I wasn't in the mood for one of the "I don't care, what do you want to do" conversations. I'm more than happy to take charge, but when I finally decided to move things along, certain things suddenly became "my fault" - because I was the one that decided to do it.

Here is a brief synopsis of today:

  • I decide (because J won't give me any input) that we should try a couple of dive sites on the north end of the island. They are in a remote location, but the promise of "big" fish await.
  • We drive 2 hours over EXTREMELY bumpy dirt roads. J seems amused with my "bouncy" situation.
  • After our 2 hour drive, we "think" we find the dive sites.
  • We gear up, enter the water but can't get over the coral break wall - turns out we aren't actually at a dive site after all. Climb back out of the water, remove gear, drive to another "supposed" dive site.
  • Repeat as above. Yep, site 2 does not = a dive site either. Guess what? This is all my fault because I made the decision to travel North.
  • Get pissed off and start yelling at each other in the middle of nowhere. Very classy I know!
  • Return trip = another 2 hours over the donkey trail in COMPLETE silence.
  • I again make the decision and pick a dive site we haven't been to before because J's criteria is "somewhere we haven't been before".
  • Once again, gear up, enter the water, J attempts to climb over the mound of coral at the breakwater, wave hits him and he stumbles. Guess what breaks his fall? A sea urchin. Yep, a handful of spiny barbs are lodged in his fingers. Abort dive because of all the blood in the water. Of course = my fault. More yelling.
  • Not wanting to be deterred because we are stupid that way, we head to another dive site. In case you are keeping track, we are at 4. Four times we have geared up, wandered into the water, only to have something go wrong. This one would be no different. I refused to enter the water after I spotted hundreds of sea urchins at the entry point - the same kind of sea urchins that just wounded my husband and left his fingers a bloody mess. Regardless, J did not see my reasoning, so this one also = my fault and more yelling.
  • We finally did manage to do a dive - on the 5th friggin try.
Five hours later, we still haven't spoken to each other, which I suppose is a good thing because there hasn't been any yelling either. My momma always said "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all".

Truer words were never spoken and tomorrow is a new day.


Joshua said…
Umm...ouch. And I'm not just talking about the sea urchin.

That really is too bad. I hope tomorrow is a better day...
otin said…
Take a step back and read your post and realize what you are fighting about!!! Diving on a tropical island! hahaha! Sorry, not making light of your arguing, it just struck me as funny when I thought about it.
Brian Miller said…
roll to the other side of the bed today, just try not to bump heads as you roll passed each other...really, hope for a better day.
CrazyCris said…
nothing to do with age... 3 dives in a day would leave anyone exhausted!

ouch! 5 tries? gearing up and all? if you weren't in a bad mood before that would be sure to bring one on, sorry about that!

I hope peace came back to paradise with the dawn of the new day!

Sylvia said…
Your mom is right. I learned the same lesson!
JW.BW said…
Awwww, I hope things are better now!!!
sas said…
this is actually really funny. you can see that now yeah?

oh too soon?


*backs away slowly*

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