Random Tuesday Thoughts

Vacations are a double edged sword – they are great when you are on them, but when you come back, you are made to “pay” for taking time off.

I have 107 unread e-mails in my inbox and at least 75 of them are marked with that red exclamation mark indicating they are “urgent”. Does anyone actually think putting the exclamation mark on them is going to make me read them any quicker?

It’s great to come back to work only to be greeted by an e-mail from the CEO saying “thanks for all your hard work this year, but no one is getting a raise”. I am not surprised by this and am just thankful to have a job at all, but getting that e-mail still sucks.

While I was away, my local radio station had changed its usual format to “all Christmas music, all the time”. WTH? Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Christmas music but NOT in November and NOT every damn song. There was something about hearing Alvin and The Chipmunks that almost sent me postal this morning.

I’m leaving my “out of office” notification on for the rest of the day and I don’t plan on answering the phone either. This will provide me with the opportunity to catch up on everyone’s blogs that I’ve missed. Those 107 e-mails can wait another day - it's not like they are really urgent anyhow..

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I love your "rebel" attitude! And your priorities-- missed blogs always rank higher than office email... In my world anyway ; )
I am Harriet said…
I totally agree with your vacation theory.
Have a great RTT!
Brian Miller said…
glad you are back...having fun wading through today while getting the christmas songs stuck in your head...lol.
Sylvia said…
Well, with us is just the same, still I would like to say that, though the crisis is to everybody, CEOs still have their pay rises and fat bonuses. Now a joke to make you smile - isn't it good to be back?
@Country Gone City - Thanks! I live to rebel. It's what keeps me entertained on a daily basis.

@I am Harriet - Vacations, vacations. You plan for them, plan to be away and work like hell the week before and the week after. It hardly seems fair for just one week.

@Brian - Sing it with me "Christmas, Christmas, time for cheer, time for fun and time for beer"

@Sylvia - You are right about the CEO and their pay raises and bonuses. There are certain things good about being back - my son, my own bed and my own shower and then it ends, but I guess it is a necessary evil...
Joshua said…
I'm leaving my out of office on until January 2. I wonder if anyone will notice?

I was just thinking about you today!

Glad to hear you're home safely and I hope you get caught up soon!
Rebecca S. said…
I have my alarm clock radio tuned to a station like that because I KNOW I will jump out of bed to turn it off!
How did your son do while you were away?
otin said…
Nothing worse than returning from a trip!

Last year I got a nice Christmas bonus, this year, I doubt any! :(
JW.BW said…
Alvin n the chipmunks is enough to make anyone go postal!!! I cant deal with XMAS music for over a month either... Too much for me!!
JennAventures said…
I despise vthe chipmunks.

I once came back from vacation (when I was a consultant mind you) to 654 unread emails. WTF.

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