I Shoulda Been A Stripper Award and Other Erotic Stuff...

JB @ It’s Gonna Take More Than a Hamburger To Make Me Happy has bestowed me with this prestigious award. I am truly honoured since there have been many times in my illustrious career that I have thought about a career change such as this…

I Shoulda Been A Stripper Award


a. post the award on your blog

- Check!

b. list 7 of your personality traits, as evidenced on your blog

1. Sarcastic
2. Adventurous
3. Semi-Optimistic
4. Grumpy
5. Passionate
6. Funny
7. Protective

c. pass the award on to 7 other bloggers with notable personality, and be sure to let them know that they've been selected

f8hasit – She certainly has been racking up the awards as of late, including the illusive Blog of Note, so with at, she deserves another one. Besides, this one’s in the namesake of her BFF Chrissy.

JW @ Jessi, Bob and The Monsters – Considering she’s living in a male dominated world at the moment, she deserves this award for serving her Country with style and grace.

Fidgeting Gidget – Even at her worst, she always manages to pull through with optimism and a funny story about her cross-border jet-setting lifestyle.

Otin @ The Wizard of Otin – This gentleman has quite the flare for killing people off in his blogs. Makes me wonder what is truth and what is fiction, but not enough to scare me off…he leaves me wanting more…

Joshua @ The Technical Parent – Joshua is a new follower and from what I’ve recently learned, he’s cheap, but not easy. Well I might have made the last part up. For all I know, he might be easy too.

Respectfully Yours @ Here is What I Think – This lady is a new follower as well. She makes me laugh out loud when I read about her shenanigans at the spa with her husband and her observance of the UFC matches at her local grocery store.

Jenna @ Jennaventures - Who else do you know that was in an car accident caused by rampaging elephants? Yeah, well she’s my first too.

And just when you thought it couldn't get any better...it DOES!

Joshua @ The Technical Parent bestowed me with this fantastic award. As I mentioned above, he is cheap but apparently he really likes my blog because he gave me this one for FREE! I would have actually paid for it, but whatever - it's too late now. It's mine...

As with all awards, there are rules. I'm gonna be totally honest, I'm exhausted and need to get back to work so I'm not following them on this one, so if you want - grab the award for yourself.


Sylvia said…
That's a very very cute award! Congratulations to you and to all those you awarded. As to being a Stripper, I must say that I love that stunning dancing of theirs. It is something that I would really love to know. I don't have quite a stripper's body, though. But I'm an excellent dancer :) My husband sends his congratulations to you too (Webruci).
@ Sylvia - LOL! I don't have a stripper's body either, but one can dream. Pass my thanks along to Webruci...
M.J. said…
By far the coolest blog award out there. Peeps swinging around a stripper pole. Classic.
@ MJ - Isn't it awesome. I totally forgot about peeps until I saw this one...aww, the memories.
Brian Miller said…
nice. congrats on the awards...not sure if i want to see otin on a stripper pole though. smiles.
YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! A stripper award! I needed that! :) Thanks! :)
f8hasit said…
Thanks so much for the award! I've always wanted a stripper pole, complete with peeps, and now, thanks to you...I have one!
Joshua said…
The invoice is in the mail.

I can't say if I'm easy, but if you ask my wife, I'm worth at least $100, but that's a story for another time.

Thanks for the stripper pole. I was just thinking what my blog was missing and pink, pole-dancing bunny peeps hadn't crossed my mind. I knew there was something sketchy about those little devils.

Eddy said…
Glad to see you picked up your award from JB. :) Congrats on your Best Blog Award too. I don't know when JB will be back to blogging (just not enought ime in a day for her right now), but I will tell her that you came by when I talk to her later today.

BTW, your "heard it through the cube wall" conversations are too funny. :) I just love it when you told the HR Assisstant to call Ghost Busters. Hilarious!

Tony nile life said…
Can not see me being a stripper, mind you I do mostly blog in the nude so I guess I am a stripper,
but for my own pleasure. A bit like these awards, I blog to share my lifes pleasures. my pleasure is knowing another gets pleasure from what I do, a bit like sex really,
OK " I am A stripper.
@Brian - Yeah, I'm a bit afraid of Otin on a stripper pole as well, but it should be good for a chuckle.

@FG - Everyone deserves a little strip show now and then.

@Joshua - Anything about "peeps" can be sketchy.

@Eddy - Hey! Thanks for visiting and keeping touch with us on behalf of JB.

As for those conversations - I'm hesitant to post them because they are too effin unbelievable - even to myself!

@Tony Nile Life - From what you explained - you ARE a stripper!! I think you should take this award for yourself and post it with pride!
otin said…
Awww! I get an award for killing people haha
Did I mention that I am terrible with awards? :)

Thank you!!
CrazyCris said…
now there's an original award! :o)
JennAventures said…
OMG!!! I've been out sick and haven't really had a chance to visit "my" (read: blogs I read) blogs this week.

I am over the moon about this.

I love Canada!

Have a blasty blast in the C!

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