I'm Happy...

I’m happy that the sun is shining and it’s still balmy in Canada - in November.

I’m even happier that tomorrow I will be headed for even balmier Caribbean weather. A week of sun, fun and scuba diving awaits my arrival.

I’m less happy that in order to get to the Caribbean, I have to first spend 5 hours in Newark, NJ; however there is an upside. Really there is – you see, there are always a lot of drunken passengers stumbling around the concourses of Liberty International Airport to keep me entertained for at least 5 hours. I kid you not - if Disney is the happiest place of earth, Newark is the drunkenness.

I’m happy that I’ve cashed in all my Continental points and upgraded to a first class seat. Although it’s only a 6 hour flight, it’s a redeye, so I might as well snooze and drool in style.

I’m even happier that the 28 of my other friends headed south with us are sitting in coach. Ha Ha…suckahs!

I’m happy and hopeful that internet service on the island will be available so that I can provide some updates and post some photos of our daily adventures – both on land and underwater.

I’m happy and thankful for the good fortune I’ve been blessed with to have these opportunities of living life to the fullest.

So, sing it with me…

“So kiss me and smile for me. Tell me that you’ll wait for me. Hold me like you’ll never let me go. Cause I’m leaving on a jet plane. I don’t know when I’ll be back again…”


Anonymous said…
-throws confetti- Have fun on your vacation. (: Lucky you. Although, the weather is too awfully bad here considering it's the middle of November. Most of the time there's snow already or at least it's pretty dang cold. I haven't even dug out the old winter jacket yet so I'm good. lol
JennAventures said…
I love "Thankful for"/happiness posting...very refreshing! And first class is totally worth it!
Enjoy! You're going to have fun! You better come back here with a post full of Newark drunkenness!
Joshua said…
See, I'd much rather head toward the snow and cold than away from it. I believe it was Bill Murray's character, Phil, in "Groundhog Day" said it best: "When Chekhov saw the long winter, he saw a winter bleak and dark and bereft of hope. We know that winter is just another step in the cycle of life. But standing here among the people of Punxsutawney and basking in the warmth of their hearths and hearts, I couldn't imagine a better fate than a long and lustrous winter." That's just me.

M.J. said…
Have a great time!
Brian Miller said…
have a great trip...look forward to seeing the updates!
Sylvia said…
Hehe! Let me blink an eye to you... Will you be back? Yes?
otin said…
Don't be dissing my home state now! LOL! If I had 5 hours in Newark, I would visit some people!
@Gavin - I can't believe how nice November has been, considering the type of summer we had.

@JennAventures - Yeah, with all the doom and gloom in the world, it's nice to take a moment and "be happy".

@FG - Oh, there are guaranteed to be stories on just the airport drunks.

@Joshua - It amazes me as to how you can retain so many movie quotes. As for running to snow - there must be something wrong with you - LOL, Kidding *smiles*

@MJ - Thanks! When do you leave for Paris.

@Brian - I will be sure to provide updates - if the technology holds out for me.

@Sylvia - Hugs - "I'll be back" (said in the voice of The Terminator).

@Otin - No dissing here, most of the drunks probably aren't even from Newark. LOL!
Awesome, safe trip. Hope you can post updates from the heat and fun. We will keep the sun here in Canada for you until you return. Be safe.
Mama Zen said…
Have a great trip!
Anonymous said…
Bon voyage! I can't believe how wonderful November has been here in the Czech Republic, as well - I've almost considered wearing my sunglasses!
Cool thankful post! It's great that you get to go to the Caribbean... I've been to Venezuela two years ago, and I loved scuba diving!!

Cool blog, check out mine.
K13 said…
ONLY 6 hours!?! Totally worth the First Class upgrade.
CrazyCris said…
"don't know when I'll be back again, oh babe, I hate, to go"



although you're already there and I'm late... (was offline all weekend, enjoying "real life" in the form of visitors) I hope you're having a wonderful trip!!!

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