Paranoia or Self-Preservation?

I’ve officially morphed into a germ-a-phobe, with a slight twist of paranoid hermit thrown in.

With only 5 days left until my departure for the sunny Caribbean, I’m living with the overwhelming fear of becoming sick. I’ve taken to screening my co-workers and visitors to my house. Just like at the hospital, if anyone looks or sounds sick, access to my vicinity is denied.

Yesterday’s telephone conversation with my mother-in-law went like this:

MIL: Can we stop in around 10:00? I have some photos we would like you to send to Terry in Ireland.
Me: Hmmm. I guess. How have you been feeling?
MIL: Fine. Why?
Me: Have you or Bob had a cold, fever, chills or aches?
MIL: No. Why?
Me: Are you sure?
MIL: Well, we had had some aches, but we are 69, so some aches are bound to happen. Why?
Me: Have to been around anyone that’s sick? You haven’t been to the Dr.’s office in a while have you? How about the bank?
MIL: What the hell are you asking me all these questions for? Have you been drinking?
Me: Okay, I’ll see you at 10:00.
MIL: Do you want me to stop at Tim Horton’s and bring you a coffee and a donut?
Me: Hell no!

Normally I don’t fret about too much about anything, but with all the media hype of H1N1, seasonal flu, lysteriosis, salmonella, mad cow, dengue fever and god knows what else – I’ve become afraid to go out in public or quite obviously allow anyone that’s been in a public place into the sanctity of my home.

This too shall pass…in about 15 days (give or take).

“It's no longer a question of staying healthy. It's a question of finding a sickness you like.” Jackie Mason


I don't blame you, stay healthy and enjoy your trip...
M.J. said…
I call it paranoia...but when vacation is on the line, it's understandable.
Brian Miller said…
i wonder if they will let you wear a plastic bubble as you travel...smiles.
CrazyCris said…
you definitely don't want to risk having to cancel dives due to an earache or sinus infection! it's happened to me (but only for planned weekend dives, not a whole week's holiday) and was very disappointing!
K13 said…
Argh!! My mom pulled this STUNT on me last Thursday and refused to take me to the Student Health Clinic because she was leaving for Hawaii 2 days later. I am still a bit annoyed about it all...
K13 said…
Oh...forgot to say "have a great trip" :)
Sylvia said…
A man was travelling in the subway in Moscow, and the train was really crowded. Suddenly, he asked the man close to him: " Are you KGB?" No!- the man answered. "Then, is your wife KGB?" No! - the man replied again. "Is your brother, or sister, KGB?" - insisted the first. NO! - the second man answered. "Is your father, your mother, your father or mother in law KGB?" - asked the first. No! - replied patiently the second man. "Is anyone in your family KGB?" - asked the first man, again. No.- the second man replied. "Is any of your friends, or a friend of a friend, KGB?" - insisted the first man. NO! - replied the second. But... "Then, can you please take your foot off mine, because you're hurting me?" This is what your story reminded me of. LOL
Rebecca S. said…
Love that quote from Jackie Mason!
This one's mine: It's no longer disease control, it's crowd control.
Stay healthy!
@ Respectfully Yours - Thanks!

@ MJ - Agreed. I'm totally o.k. with being paranoid when holidays are on the line.

@ Brian - I don't want to look TOO obvious when I'm going through airport security - they might not let me on board.

@ CrazyCris - I couldn't handle not being able to dive for a whole week, especially with everyone else around me doing it.

@ K13 - When it comes to family and friends, I would suck it up. My son was sick last week and I took care of him. That's what moms are supposed to do. I would have been ticked if I were you.

@ Sylvia - LOL! That is hilarious!
@ Rebecca S. - That quote is great and so true.
am sure by now you're over it, but haha, you made me laugh - don't worry about these things, just focus on having fun!
*uncorked said…
Where are you going in the Caribbean??? I haven't seen the ocean in way way way too long.
@Love Writing Again - The paranoia will pass eventually.

@Uncorked - I leave in 3 days, 8 hours, 14 minutes. Going south has become an addiction - I can't go without it for more than 6 months at a time...

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