Monday, Monday...

After a very busy weekend and having a "vacation day" on Friday, I thought I could come to work this morning for some rest, enjoy my coffee, catch up on some blogs and maybe just coast through my day without too much stress; however that was not to be. From the moment I arrived, chaos ensued.

  • I couldn't find my chair - apparently the painters had been here this weekend and decided to rearrange the furniture;
  • My desk, phone and computer monitor were covered with a layer of drywall dust and I had the forturne of wearing black pants today (that's how I found out about the drywall dust on my desk and chair) - Arghh!
  • Once I finally located my chair, all of the setting had been adjusted. It takes me forever to get things where I like them and then this happens...I nearly fell on my a$$ when I leaned backwards;
  • Once I finally was able to log onto my system, I had 130 emails in my inbox and not one of them was spam, but over half were marked with the "urgent" exclamation mark (this has become a new pet peeve of mine). Just because you mark something urgent, doesn't mean it is and it's exactly like the boy who cried wolf - sooner or later people stop paying attention - namely me;
  • I've been tasked to research (urgently of course) whether or not we (where I work) can export our products into Libya and to be honest, I would rather have a root canal;
  • I've been working on a project with an individual, that to be honest, just doesn't have a clue. Not to be harsh, but she is one of those people that manages to throw others into complete panic mode for no particular reason and by the time she has finished, she has pretty much incited a riot within her team. To top things off, she then takes credit for the end result if it's successful, but is the first to point the finger if it's not;
Now for the bright side of things...
  • I didn't have any voicemail messages this morning;
  • It's almost lunchtime and therefore this day is half over;


that definitely sounds like a nightmare Monday. glad it is 1/2 over for you.

thank you for not posting how everything is wonderful instead.
I'm jealous of the people who are already in Tuesday. Boo Mondays.
Thanks for coming by my blog. I totally share your view on the "urgent" thing. Hey, buddy, I'LL decide what's urgent to me, whaddaya say?

Nice work!

Anonymous said…
Hey! You have an award waiting over on my blog! :)

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